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GreatLeader sets another amazing world record. Again, only documented on pen and paper.
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BarryBurry´s food is getting cold.
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FatDave sees the word BREXIT but can't get himself to play it


League: Season: Division: Group:   Player:  

1Uncle_Hrothgar 3 2011295 - 1341-464North Carolina
2mtremayne 1 100561 - 4241372
3SunshineandHunny 0 0000 - 000TX
4mad as hell! 0 0000 - 000Florida
5Mrs Motive 0 0000 - 000London
6Doc Steen 0 0000 - 000
7Desolaa 0 0000 - 000
8Calmdown 0 0000 - 000Ocean City Md
9dudkay 1 001393 - 418-250Bluffton, SC
10Ganisworld 1 001387 - 453-660

Deadline: 14/03 2024 17:59 New York Time

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Name Message Time
Judge US League JERRI. Welcome to the league. You’re in division 8 group 14. If you log out and back in you’ll be taken to your group. 2/03 2024 21:00:05
jerriI just signed up 2/03 2024 19:40:16
LoBotMan, that is a magic selection! DUDKAY is the greatest veteran here, with 169 seasons in the league. DOC STEEN is the player with the highest average score in a season (only counting the last 100 seasons), with 507 points per match (it happened in season 241 in division 2.) MAD AS HELL! is the player here who has won most groups, with a total of 26 victories. SUNSHINEANDHUNNY is a magnificent player who actually won the entire league in season 305. MTREMAYNE is number 1 on the the ranking, for all groups in all divisions in all seasons. UNCLE_HROTHGAR is a wicked player who has been number 2 in division 1 in season 304. MRS MOTIVE is a clever opponent who was number 6 on this level last season. GANISWORLD is the tactically strongest player of the last 100 seasons, the opponents have merely scored the humble average of 314 points per game. CALMDOWN is a erudite player who has been number 1 in division 2 in season 306. DESOLAA is the player here who most recently went undefeated through an entire season, it happened in 2. division in season 306.

MTREMAYNE, SUNSHINEANDHUNNY, UNCLE_HROTHGAR and DUDKAY are tresourous people of a kind you would not believe existed, people who out of their pure generousity donate to WLoH and keep the site running.

The two last players will be relegated. I feel pretty confident that mtremayne wins the season.

1/03 2024 01:15:03

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mtremayne - SunshineandHunny
mtremayne - Ganisworld
mtremayne - mad as hell!
mtremayne - Mrs Motive
mtremayne - Uncle_Hrothgar561 - 424
mtremayne - dudkay
mtremayne - Doc Steen
mtremayne - Desolaa
mtremayne - Calmdown
SunshineandHunny - mtremayne
SunshineandHunny - Ganisworld
SunshineandHunny - mad as hell!
SunshineandHunny - Mrs Motive
SunshineandHunny - Uncle_Hrothgar
SunshineandHunny - dudkay
SunshineandHunny - Doc Steen
SunshineandHunny - Desolaa
SunshineandHunny - Calmdown
Ganisworld - mtremayne
Ganisworld - SunshineandHunny
Ganisworld - mad as hell!
Ganisworld - Mrs Motive
Ganisworld - Uncle_Hrothgar387 - 453
Ganisworld - dudkay
Ganisworld - Doc Steen
Ganisworld - Desolaa
Ganisworld - Calmdown
mad as hell! - mtremayne
mad as hell! - SunshineandHunny
mad as hell! - Ganisworld
mad as hell! - Mrs Motive
mad as hell! - Uncle_Hrothgar
mad as hell! - dudkay
mad as hell! - Doc Steen
mad as hell! - Desolaa
mad as hell! - Calmdown
Mrs Motive - mtremayne
Mrs Motive - SunshineandHunny
Mrs Motive - Ganisworld
Mrs Motive - mad as hell!
Mrs Motive - Uncle_Hrothgar
Mrs Motive - dudkay
Mrs Motive - Doc Steen
Mrs Motive - Desolaa
Mrs Motive - Calmdown
Uncle_Hrothgar - mtremayne424 - 561
Uncle_Hrothgar - SunshineandHunny
Uncle_Hrothgar - Ganisworld453 - 387
Uncle_Hrothgar - mad as hell!
Uncle_Hrothgar - Mrs Motive
Uncle_Hrothgar - dudkay418 - 393
Uncle_Hrothgar - Doc Steen
Uncle_Hrothgar - Desolaa
Uncle_Hrothgar - Calmdown
dudkay - mtremayne
dudkay - SunshineandHunny
dudkay - Ganisworld
dudkay - mad as hell!
dudkay - Mrs Motive
dudkay - Uncle_Hrothgar393 - 418
dudkay - Doc Steen
dudkay - Desolaa
dudkay - Calmdown
Doc Steen - mtremayne
Doc Steen - SunshineandHunny
Doc Steen - Ganisworld
Doc Steen - mad as hell!
Doc Steen - Mrs Motive
Doc Steen - Uncle_Hrothgar
Doc Steen - dudkay
Doc Steen - Desolaa
Doc Steen - Calmdown
Desolaa - mtremayne
Desolaa - SunshineandHunny
Desolaa - Ganisworld
Desolaa - mad as hell!
Desolaa - Mrs Motive
Desolaa - Uncle_Hrothgar
Desolaa - dudkay
Desolaa - Doc Steen
Desolaa - Calmdown
Calmdown - mtremayne
Calmdown - SunshineandHunny
Calmdown - Ganisworld
Calmdown - mad as hell!
Calmdown - Mrs Motive
Calmdown - Uncle_Hrothgar
Calmdown - dudkay
Calmdown - Doc Steen
Calmdown - Desolaa