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WLoH Moderator rogeriolira - unfortunately the season has already entered its second week, therefore it is too late to include you. You will be included next season. Good luck. 4/20/2019 4:49:05 PM glitch deactivation
rogeriolira Hello judges,
In adding my country to my profile details it seems a glitch caused me to be deactivated. That has been fixed but I´m not in a tournament because of it. May I still get in?
4/20/2019 3:38:23 PM glitch deactivation
Galadriel917 Hi, I tried to register my results for a game but I can’t seem to log on to Wordfeud US League 180, Div 7, Group 42. It doesn’t seem to exist. 4/19/2019 10:59:58 PM Sorry, please disregard the message. I sent it to the wrong language game.
clairemcn I haven´t received email for the new tournament but already receiving invites. 4/13/2019 10:57:26 AM New season
Mtw1975 I havent received mail for new game can you assist please 4/13/2019 10:40:34 AM New season
carbphen In a league scenario, is it considered fair play to withhold recording your results until close to the deadline (or until all your promotion / relegation rivals have finished their games) ? This could deny them information about how many wins they need, what spread they need to achieve, etc. 4/10/2019 5:34:07 PM Fair Play
US Umpire Me-jooly please post within your group its much easier to check the data. It would appear that LeonBass has completed no games this season so the best I can suggest would be to send him a nag mail however I have a feeling it may well just have to be up to LoBot to decide at the end of the season.
As it stands at the moment LoBot would award you a 160-0 win as the quicker player.
4/10/2019 10:37:27 AM No response
Me-jooly Hi there, I´m getting no response from Leon bass and have sent 3 invitations. I have 1 game left to play and really don´t want match unlisted. 4/10/2019 10:11:43 AM No response
International Judge ykv2012, it´s a case of versions. VAPE is allowable in SOWPODS 2015 but isn´t valid in SOWPODS 2012. Wordfeud uses the 2012 version. I am not aware of any plans to upgrade the version Wordfeud uses. 4/8/2019 10:13:38 PM New word for Wordfeud dictionary
US Umpire ykv2012 until it becomes accepted by the official scrabble dictionary (SOWPODS) then it won´t be accepted by wordfeud ...but I have a feeling it will be one of those words that may make the dictionary soon as it it´s usage has become more common. 4/8/2019 9:46:34 AM New word for Wordfeud dictionary
ykv2012 Why isn´t the word ´vape´ allowed in word feud? It means ´inhale nicotine vapour from an electronic cigarette´ 4/7/2019 6:07:29 PM New word for Wordfeud dictionary
CollyWolly68 Hi. How do I register for the next tournament? 3/22/2019 3:55:37 AM Tournament
tamthechamp Can I change my user name whilst playing a few days into a season, as I think my name is a bit cocky 3/17/2019 9:34:29 PM Name change
US Umpire Lindac my apologies the email address you need is 3/16/2019 12:53:05 PM Can´t access new league
US Umpire Well Lindac as we have exhausted my IT knowledge could I ask you please to email a brief synopsis of your problem to and hopefully they will be able to help you. Please remember to include that you play in international English. 3/16/2019 12:43:17 PM Can´t access new league
Lindac57 Have also tried logging in and out three times 3/16/2019 12:30:48 PM Can´t access new league
Lindac57 Have already looked through emails including spam. Can´t access season 178, drop down will only show up to season 177 3/16/2019 12:30:05 PM Can´t access new league
US Umpire Lindac57 you are correct as to which group you are in...
Emails were sent out on time I would suggest checking your bulk mail files and your spam folders because sometimes our emails end up there.
As for the group issue please try and manually select season 178 using the drop down menu found at the top of the table. If all else fails I can only suggest trying the good old IT solution of log out and then log back in again.
3/16/2019 12:20:05 PM Can´t access new league
Lindac57 I cannot access this seasons pages. I know that it should be season 178, group 13,division 6. I have no way of knowing who I am playing as no access and no email received 3/16/2019 12:05:31 PM Can´t access new league
US Umpire minimariner you are in division 7 group 30.
New players mentioned in your email are correct. Please use the season drop down box at the top of the table to be able to look at this seasons importance.
It´s not ideal it´s a bug left over from the last update we did and we are working on it please bear with us.
3/16/2019 8:40:01 AM New league
minimariner I can’t see the new league i am in, every time I click onto this site I get last seasons finished table. I am already getting invites from new players in the new league but like I said I can’t see the league. 3/16/2019 7:05:14 AM New league
International Judge Hi Mayor More, yes there is tournament underway (season 177) at the moment. It should finish in about 36 hours and then a new season (178) will commence on Saturday. You will be automatically assigned to a group with your opponents as well as receive an email with your opponent to challenge. Best of luck. 3/14/2019 7:13:30 AM Challenge
Mayor More Hi,just there any ongoing tournament? How do I match up with an opponent on here?? 3/13/2019 7:03:50 PM Challenge
heltenjon @Steve Sheehan - I cannot tell _for_certain_ that it will never be playable, and having it in your list shows that there is an interest. Removing it is sadly beyond my power. Perhaps the Umpire can help?
3/11/2019 1:02:21 PM Random Board League
1 shaun Isn´t it time to reduce the waiting timeto make a word, from 72 hours to 24 hours. 3/11/2019 12:43:43 PM slow play
Steve Sheehan OK, well thanks for replying. Could you tell me how I remove the Random Board League from my list of leagues then, please? I´ve already made it inactive, but I don´t see any option to remove it completely, and if it´s never going to be a playabl option, I see no point in having it in my League list. Or, if I can´t remove it myself, maybe you could do it for me? Thanks. 3/11/2019 10:52:15 AM Random Board League
BuntiM Twice recently whilst travelling I have lost connection and current games wiped, resulting in demotion in one instance. How do I reconnect with on-going games in place? 3/10/2019 2:16:08 PM Lost connection
WLoH Int Assist Hi me-jooly, I shall respond in your group 3/8/2019 7:31:27 AM Register results
Me-jooly Hi, tk46 resigned but replaced with M Singh. I took my score through M Singh as only appeared on board today and no time for natch. I don´t understand why tk46 was removed and replaced last minute, however to be fair, I asked tk46 to play more than one word a day so as to finish by deadline. Thanks Julie 3/7/2019 7:07:18 PM Register results
heltenjon @Steve Sheehan - Although it´s possible to sign up for random board, it´s not very likely that there will be an ordinary random board league started anytime soon. Some of the choices are there to see if the interest is high enough to warrant starting up a new league. However, this is not the priority right now.

Instead, the option of customized leagues is opened. That means that any donating member may organize a user-league in the game of his/her choice. A random board tournament may very well be organized in this manner, although there are still a few kinks in the works on the Custom page.
3/7/2019 12:56:42 AM Random Board League
International Judge Maybe it´s an older version of SOWPODS. I have the current Collins 2015 list (soon to become obsolete) used for scrabble and FEWS is good there. I looked in a 2007 version and it didn´t appear there. The current wordfeud uses Collins 2012 so it must have been made a legitimate word somewhere between 2007 and 2012. 3/4/2019 10:33:57 PM Word List
carbphen Why is FEWS allowed? It is not included in the SOWPODS word list. 3/4/2019 6:20:03 PM Word List
scrabblenut How do I send an invite to play someone? 3/2/2019 10:57:28 PM Tournament
US Umpire b_void) could you please email our technical department at and explain your problem and hopefully they will be able to help much better than I can. 3/2/2019 2:15:20 PM per previous
Steve Sheehan Probably the wrong forum, but bear with me please. In addition to this league, I have also now signed up for the "International English Random Board" league, but I can´t find any info. If I log out of this one, and into the Random one, I get the same Div and Group showing. Also, when I open the list of leagues, the Random one doesn´t appear there. I don´t know if a Random League should have started today or not. Any advice please? 3/2/2019 2:08:05 PM Random Board League
b_void) @USumpire thanks I have the mail and invited others. I still can’t access the table either manually or is in the refresh - one other user in my group reporting the same issue.
3/2/2019 1:47:52 PM per previous
US Umpire b_void) I would advice checking in your spam folder as sometimes our emails have a way of finding themselves in there. As for the new season you need to either refresh your web page or in the dropdown boxes at the top of the table where it says season press that one and moving on to the next season manually. 3/2/2019 1:19:25 PM Email not received
b_void) Hi. I’ve not had an email for the new season. On the site the 176 final result is still visible. Thanks 3/2/2019 12:50:37 PM Email not received
WLoH Int Official IRONKATE. If you continue to have problems logging into the site please take a screenshot of the error message and send it to me. I’ll forward it to the tech team. My address is Thanks 2/24/2019 2:19:59 AM Can´t register results
Ironkate PS - as you can see I have managed it this time - but suspect I won´t next time 2/24/2019 12:13:00 AM Can´t register results
Ironkate PS - as you can see I have managed it this time - but suspect I won´t next time 2/24/2019 12:12:55 AM Can´t register results
Ironkate Not sure where the problem is but I am having a lot of trouble get to the League of Honour site - meaning I can´t register results. I constantly get a "server error" message. Is it you... Or me? 2/24/2019 12:11:53 AM Can´t register results
scrabblenut What division am I in? 2/18/2019 11:37:27 AM Tournament
US Umpire lin998877 we are aware of the issue and are working on it. 2/16/2019 12:16:17 PM Season 176
US Umpire angel0277 you are in division 6 group 25 2/16/2019 12:15:27 PM Season 176
shayleatone Top left numbers you play in theses competitions will get you to the right tournament page. 2/16/2019 12:13:28 PM Help finding group
shayleatone Click on the numbers by you name example your playing in 175 176 it will take you straight to your group til they fix the issue. 2/16/2019 12:10:45 PM International English log in problem
US Umpire Chrisgerry you are in division 7 group 33.

We are aware of the issues
2/16/2019 12:10:37 PM Email wrong group?
US Umpire Shayleatone you are in division 8 group 24. We are aware of the issues. 2/16/2019 12:09:11 PM Email wrong group?
Chrisgerry My email lists last season player, invites from different people, no idea what group I am in. Playing the invites though. Many thanks 2/16/2019 12:08:24 PM Email wrong group?
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