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WLoH Int Official IOW MOLY. Not sure why you’ve used a different thread to ask that question but there is no doubt that you are using MOLYMAN as the screenshot sent to the judge verified that. Please check your games list. If you ‘never use MOLYMAN’ then I advise you delete it from Wordfeud. 5/31/2023 1:18:53 AM General inquiry
IOW Moly Please tell me why my MOLYMAN games will not be counted when I NEVER use that name? I only use and only want to use IOW Moly !! 5/30/2023 11:54:57 PM General inquiry
International Judge Atura first of all you need to read the rules. Secondly you were not relegated you were not promoted. Thirdly you were awarded wins for your unfinished games. Fourthly I received no emails from you regarding slow play or screenshots... should I go on?

LoBots reasoning on unfinished games is explained in the rules page as is the fact that you cannot gain an advantage from unplayed games. The player who was promoted was proactive in reporting their games and keeping me informed.
5/20/2023 9:30:26 AM Winning against slow players
Atura How do you judge on games that were unfinished yet i got slow players who were taking more time before responding to their turn!. You gave us the points, i led the table but still relegated. Totally unfare..How!! 5/20/2023 5:56:29 AM Winning against slow players
Atura It is unfare to relegate me yet all the 5 games i played i won, how do you make a judgement that the remaining 2 i was to lose. Unfare judgement and i totally disagree!!! 5/20/2023 5:51:01 AM Winning against slow players
WLoH Int Official GEORDIEMUM. Please send the judge screenshots and include your division and group number. They’ll see if they can intervene. The address is 5/19/2023 9:12:53 PM Winning against slow players
Geordiemum I have two games to finish and have asked my opponents to get on with it to no avail. I am winning both the games. Does this mean I will be penalised for not finishing? 5/19/2023 9:07:08 PM Winning against slow players
WLoH Int Official ALPHA_UPSURGE. As you completed no games last season LoBot automatically deactivated your account. You need to reactivate it, which you can do via the Your Page tab. 4/23/2023 2:37:54 PM Tournament
Alpha_Upsurge Hi
I didn’t receive an email for the new tournament . Please advise as I cudnt play in the previous tournament consistently due to an operation .
4/23/2023 8:43:30 AM Tournament
Mr. Stinger To the good people of Div 7 Group 34, unfortunately I have unexpectedly been posted to a place for a longer period of time than normal, where there is absolutely no Internet access at all. That makes playing Wordfeud impossible. I have therefore reluctantly resigned for the moment and I wish you all the best of luck! 4/15/2023 6:25:17 PM Resignation as No Internet
WLoH Int Manager djstays - You topped the table because of LoBot´s automated score, but those do not count for promotion, as explained by LoBot´s comment in your group. 4/11/2023 9:34:39 AM General
djstays Hello Team
I won the last season an I am suppose to be upgraded to division 1 but I am still in division 2. Kindly correct this.
4/8/2023 1:04:58 AM General
WLoH Int Official SHAMT. If that game is still incomplete a couple of hours before the deadline tomorrow please send the judge a screenshot and include your division and group number. They’ll see if they can intervene. The address is Please don’t enter a score for an incomplete game as it’s against the rules. 4/6/2023 3:29:41 PM Winning against slow player
Shamt Hiya, I´m winning a game but the opponent very slow so what score do I put in and when shall I post this score if the game isn´t finished by clise of play... ty 4/6/2023 7:03:55 AM Winning against slow player
Shamt Hiya, I´m winning a game but the opponent very slow so what score do I put in and when shall I post this score if the game isn´t finished by clise of play... ty 4/6/2023 7:03:51 AM Winning against slow player
za! @ Kenfrating: Quoting the very last line of this page:
"Wordfeud League of Honour and Wordfeud are two separate organizations"
The words that are, or are not, accepted by the Wordfeud App: that´s a matter of that app, and the WLoH has no influence there.
If you want to suggest changes to the used dictionary, or have questions about it, you should address them to the makers of that app:
4/1/2023 8:05:11 PM Disallowed words
International Judge Nice post snakehips17 and welcome back. 4/1/2023 6:29:25 PM Reputation
Kenfrating I tried to put a very common modern word VAPE but it was disallowed. How often are the disallowed words reviewed. 4/1/2023 3:31:25 PM Disallowed words
snakehips17 I would love to hear from any other playersthat had their account compromised and how they felt 3/31/2023 4:44:05 PM Reputation
snakehips17 I would like to thank all my friends on wordfeud who offered support to me when some sad individual used my Avatar and a slight variation of my username and then apparently became abusive to other competitors. I was suspended by the judges without being able to defend myself against these allegations . HOWEVER the judges did listen to my appeal and l submitted screen shots of this individual taunting me they could be funny if wasn´t so tragic they challenged me to private game and said l hope you enjoy playing with yourself but the it got worse. I missed playing for about a month and sort of got better at my studying a foreign language so there were some upsides thank you for 5he judges and wordfeud admin in taking the time and trouble to investigate this ant to exonerate me and to apologise. I am glad to be back.Cheers from Sicily 3/31/2023 3:15:18 PM Reputation
International Judge PetK if only it were that simple, a player may have simply only just found Wordfeud and may be a very competent Scrabble player having played in many other forums. It may be that the player has simply decided that they would like to have a second username as they could cope with more games, in fact very recently I was notified by the US judge that I may see a player moving very quickly through the groups as they are a high level player in the US League and had recently decided to try their luck at international.
It may certainly be that a player is cheating but alternatively he may just be getting a good run of letters....
We have many world-class Scrabble players playing in this league and they all start in Division 8 so there is a possibility that you may have just come up on one of these players working their way through the league. It is however equally as likely that you have come up against a cheat and I´m sorry that you think that the admin involved in asking you to make a note of the dubious words and take a screenshot then send it to me is too much for you too to do. As an admin team we do not claim to get it right each time but we put a lot of time and effort into ridding this league of the cheats and being a very vocal presence on the forum. We try our best to deal with all cases fairly and and to permanently exclude any player that we can prove to be using a cheat aid, however we can do nothing if the players do not use the procedures in place and send that information directly to us.
3/18/2023 4:44:23 PM Cheaters
PetK The low divisions are overflowing with cheaters and I simply don´t know how to deal with them any longer, so I deactivated my account. I went from division 5 now going to division 7 in lightning speed. In my current division, players play the perfect tile placement within seconds of me playing a word. Or, they suddenly bingo with words completely out of their vocabulary skills based on previously played words. But, I feel like the game is becoming an administrative burden trying to register and/or report it all. Perhaps, there can be a way to spot cheaters based on their skill rating increase? To me, it is quite obvious when someone goes from a steady 1700-1800 to 2000+ in days while placing the perfect tile position (or the worst) or playing unusual words. Anyway, perhaps, till some other time. 3/18/2023 9:19:38 AM Cheaters
Speakless For those who care for a game of Wordfeud on a Random board, there´s still an open tournament waiting on participants. You can find more about it by tapping the "Custom" tab in the main menu above, or at the following link:
3/12/2023 8:47:38 PM Custom tournament announcements
WLoH Int Official DOREEN617. Please see the comments on your group forum. You had invited using the wrong dictionary so the game was not valid for this league and will need to be replayed. 3/9/2023 4:42:48 PM Resigned gane
Heinous Thanks, za!
Yes, I think WLoH missed the reference to 1631! :-)
3/9/2023 12:32:52 PM Tournament 1631
Doreen617 You accepted my invite and started the game and then decided to resign.?
Am slightly confused and need some further clarification of the rules.
3/9/2023 9:12:18 AM Resigned gane
za! Heinous, I´ve deleted that userleague altogether now.
You certainly didn´t mean to say that Ordly was moribund ... just that userleague for discussing FAQ about Ordly
3/8/2023 2:51:11 AM Tournament 1631
WLoH Int Official HEINOUS. If you click on the Your Page tab you can sign out of Ordley without leaving the league completely. 3/8/2023 12:35:24 AM Tournament 1631
Heinous Could you please remove me from tournament 1631 (Ordly Q&A discussion), as it is now moribund. I can´t resign from within it without leaving Wordfeud. Thanks. 3/7/2023 10:24:11 PM Tournament 1631
WLoH Int Official LOUISEWAT1. Thanks for your donation. I think I’ve sorted that for you. Please log out and back in again and let me know if the banner adverts have gone. Thanks 3/6/2023 6:12:20 PM Donation
louisewat1 I sent a donation of £10 on 10th Dec. I used PayPal. My account has been debited. Why am I still getting banner adverts? 3/6/2023 5:36:41 PM Donation
International Judge ShaMt if you just choose the two names for the players that you wish to delete the score for and then press the delete score button you will be instructed in red to double check that this is the score that you wish to remove and then press the button again. If you are still having problems please post names of the two players that you wish to remove the score for and I will do it for you. 2/26/2023 10:31:39 PM Incorrect player score
ShaMt Hi I have inputted a score to wrong player. Our match hasn´t finished do I just input correct score when that actual match finished? 2/26/2023 6:55:02 PM Incorrect player score
Speakless A new custom tournament for Wordfeud (US.English) is now open.
It´s titled "Listless Aliens" and you can find more about it by tapping the "Custom" tab in the main menu above, or at the following link:
2/26/2023 12:17:00 PM Custom tournament announcements
Speakless A new custom tournament for Wordfeud RANDOM boards (Int.English) is now open.
It´s titled "Aimless Randos" and you can find more about it by tapping the "Custom" tab in the main menu above, or at the following link:
2/25/2023 9:59:36 AM Custom tournament announcements
WLoH Int Official STYLEY3. Yes. The new season starts today at 23.59 Central European Time. 2/24/2023 12:19:58 PM General inquiry
styley3 Does the new season for English International beginning tomorrow? Just back after a few years in the ether. 2/23/2023 9:44:54 PM General inquiry
International Judge Simon Sutton you should score the game as 150-0 in your favour. I would also suggest keeping a screenshot of the game until the deadline just in case there is any dispute. 2/22/2023 2:59:42 PM Resigned gane
Simon Sutton What happens when a contestant resigns without playing any tiles?7 2/22/2023 1:27:55 PM Resigned gane
International Judge Makksmakkmao I agree it´s annoying but I´m not sure how you think that I/we can go about this. My team and I spend hours each week deactivating non participating players, checking results, taking screenshots, investigating cheat allegations and answering emails I really don´t think it´s much to ask that players manage entering their own results and inviting opponents.
I know I like to get my game invitations out asap at the start of the season but I know that may not be a convenient time for all of my opponents, I always report my score win or loss ( okay I admit it more loss than and I always take a screenshot so I can tie up loose ends at the end of I have too....but unfortunately I think we just have to accept that everyone is not as diligent as us.
If you have a way I can make this happen though I´m all ears
2/17/2023 11:48:14 AM A couple of annoying things
International Judge Heinous thanks, always appreciate your help 2/17/2023 11:26:32 AM Help Identify Division & Group for Season 280
Makksmakkmao Can the admins do something about the two following things:
1) players who dont invite other players in their group. Normally I just invite everyone right away, but this week I was a little busy so I wanted to check how many of my opponents started a game after getting the group invite mail. Only 4/8 did so, the last four didnt do it at all until four days in when I invited them, then they accepted quickly. They could be reminded that it is everyones responsibility.
2) Players who dont report their results, even after winning themselves. I always report my wins right away, and often my losses. But I would say maybe around 30 % cant be bothered to report their results, regardless of if they won the game or not. Again, maybe someone can remind them that it is their responsibility aswell (I know it says so in the email, but clearly people dont read it)? Either they are lazy and feel like someone else can just do it, or they feel like they get a strategic advantage by not having to enter their results before the last day. Quite often strategies can be different depending on the results that are in, and right now, the players that finish games quick, and report their games right away are at a (slight) disadvantage.

Have a nice day
2/17/2023 8:15:46 AM A couple of annoying things
Heinous ... has recently been playing in group 35 in 7.division.
(Click on your name)
2/16/2023 10:19:50 AM Help Identify Division & Group for Season 280
encore254 Hello. Could you please help me identify which division & group I´m in this season? 2/11/2023 8:04:45 PM Help Identify Division & Group for Season 280
International Judge Thanks Heinous..I´ll point lobotommy to your post 1/25/2023 3:51:32 PM Help, we need a new server
Heinous I´ve used (also US) since 1997, and have found them very reliable, with absolute minimal downtime, and good value. Also quick and competent with support. I have also used others, from time to time, but never found one better.
My needs have been small compared to yours, but worth a look!
1/25/2023 11:08:23 AM Help, we need a new server
WLoH Int Official MAKKSMAKKMAO. The game can either be continued as a friendly or resigned. If both players choose to pass then the game will end after the third pass. The value of each player’s tiles will be added and the player with the fewer points will be deemed the winner. 1/14/2023 12:46:54 PM Cancelling games?
Makksmakkmao Sometimes someone starts a new game by a mistake, can such games be cancelled by some means? What happens if no one makes a move, does the first player to act lose? 1/14/2023 9:50:44 AM Cancelling games?
Makksmakkmao Sometimes someone starts a new game by a mistake, can such games be cancelled by some means? What happens if no one makes a move, does the first player to act lose? 1/14/2023 9:41:49 AM Cancelling games?
International Judge Anri1945 I have done that for you but it is easy to alter yourself. Go to the homepage tab and it is found in the what we know about you section. I have updated it for you however it will not show in the table until the start of the new season. 1/7/2023 7:25:29 PM Home country
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