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WLoH Moderator Jtwina - notify your opponent of the error, resign game and restart using the correct format. Keep screenshot of your games list on Wordfeud in case there are any problems later 3/5/2021 10:48:41 AM Not sure what to do
Jtwina I sent an invite using the wrong board to Player2222, how do I correct the error? 3/5/2021 1:54:08 AM Not sure what to do
WLoH Int Manager Jtwina - Please send those screenshots to the judge, including your division and group : 3/4/2021 7:24:18 AM Offensive behaviour
Jtwina I am playing a game in tournament and commented to this player that I was enjoying the game and why. Up until now everyone I have chatted with has been very nice, so imagine my surprise to be insulted and demeaned. I will finish this game, but would prefer not to be matched up with this person again if possible. I have screen shots, please advise. 3/4/2021 3:03:41 AM Offensive behaviour
WLoH Int Official OC BOOKIE. You could contact tech support. The address is Remember to give your username and league. 2/26/2021 1:48:13 PM Custom tab page full of errors
OC Bookie Judge, my back page, the Custom, has been broken for a long time. To Whom would I write asking if it can be fixed? I would like to set up custom tourneys.
Thank you
2/26/2021 3:19:45 AM Custom tab page full of errors
WLoH Moderator scorpio - you are now in Div 8, group 101. Please invite all opponents and inform them that it is a tournament game because your username was not included in their emails. Good luck. 2/16/2021 11:21:58 AM not included
scorpio Thanks 2/14/2021 12:18:19 PM not included
WLoH Moderator scorpio - as your username had been inactive there will be a delay. Lobot has just begun adding players into the tournament 2/14/2021 6:27:38 AM not included
scorpio Hi there any action getting taken 2/13/2021 11:47:29 PM not included
scorpio Have done what you asked ...when I applied last week it said ...your in...does this mean I’ll not get a game this season...can’t u squeeze me in somewhere in Div8 2/13/2021 12:33:40 PM not included
WLoH Moderator scorpio - you have not received an invitation because your username is inactive. Go onto Your Page and click the quick activation button. Hopefully you will be included later 2/13/2021 11:02:43 AM not included
scorpio Sirs I was meant to be included this season in the English International league but have received no email...can u confirm what group I am in if in fact any username is scorpio.. 2/13/2021 9:23:10 AM not included
WLoH Int Official GRAHAM20280. Please send screenshots of the conversation to the judge and include your division and group number. The address is Thanks 2/4/2021 12:16:39 AM complaint
Graham2020 Lauraalfred309 is using the site to advertise bitcoin. She is a new player from the US. 2/3/2021 11:26:11 PM complaint
Jtwina I have a mild rant and wish to express frustration with players whose strategies consist of using the fewest number of letters to make words. This tactic really spoils the game for me. Stretching out the board makes it possible to use more letters and thus use more brain power for the maximum points. Yes, I know it’s legal and sometimes a two or three letter word is the only option however when I am up against a player like that I don’t enjoy the game and get it over ASAP so I can get to a game where I have a creative opponent. I haven’t quit playing, obviously, but have considered it. Rant concluded, everyone be safe and healthy 2/3/2021 2:13:13 PM General
WLoH Moderator Rollo2011 - thank you for donating. Try logging out then back in to the site. Please let us know if you are having trouble accessing the extra pages 1/29/2021 5:17:22 PM Donate
Rollo2011 Hello I made a payment for the player Rollo2011 on 200 Sek or 22 USD. Payment is done with Paypal 18 november. 1/29/2021 4:17:03 PM Donate
WLoH Moderator KingDev30Jan - please contact the Judge. Email address is 1/20/2021 10:42:51 AM Joining the league
KingDev30Jan I have tried to enter international league tournament this season for 3-4 times, but every couple of days when insee my page it shows me inactive. I have even received confirmation mail saying I have joined the league. Why does my page show me inactive all the time? 1/20/2021 5:40:51 AM Joining league
WLoH Int Manager MEQ5 - Please check your spam box as the mail sometimes ends up there. 1/18/2021 9:43:46 AM Not sure what to do
MEQ5 The email you sent announcing the new season does not refers to a consistent problem. Please resend ! 1/18/2021 12:41:18 AM Not sure what to do
WLoH Int Manager Baywood3 - LoBot automatically deactivated your account 2,5 months ago because of no games registered. If you would like to participate again, go into ´Your page´ and hit the Quick Activation button. Next season starts this saturday. 12/29/2020 10:44:44 AM No games
Baywood03 No emails to join tournaments. Last one was November I think. 12/29/2020 10:30:06 AM No games
beachutman I was messaged to say i had entered the scores incorrectly. But i can’t change them as i have now deleted those results. A shame, as i had won 7 games, but there it is ?? 12/19/2020 10:42:56 AM Unable to alter scores
WLoH Int Official SHELLS1950. You are in season 224, division 7, group 46. 12/19/2020 1:20:01 AM Not included I this round
shells1950 I skipped the last round but have not been included in this round.
12/19/2020 1:13:39 AM Not included I this round
WLoH Int Manager Drillboss - You are signed up for the next tournament. This means that you will get an invitation with your group/division and opponents. Expect the mail around 1:00 (CET) this saturdaymorning.
Please also check your spam, the mail tends to end up there.
12/17/2020 12:39:24 PM Tournament
Drillboss How do i join the tournament? 12/16/2020 10:09:43 PM Tournament
pete.simms nrs76 CAN HE BE ADDED TO wordfeud english internatioal please 12/9/2020 4:46:40 PM include
Jtwina Hey Amin’s! Great job on the upgrade. Everything is easier and I don’t have to log in every time I play. Thanks! 12/9/2020 4:41:49 PM General
WLoH Int Manager Nikki 2020 - It looks like you are not signed up at the moment. Would you like to be included in this season? 12/7/2020 4:28:40 PM No games
Nikki 2020 No email or unable to see my games for season 223. Played in 7 seasons. 12/7/2020 3:31:38 AM No games
Nrs76 It seems I have not been added to wordfeud English international. I am new and would be grateful if can be added while new league young your help would be appreciated hope can be included Neil that in advance 12/5/2020 1:53:39 AM Wordfeud
WLoH Moderator bloodknock - I assume that you have been trying to change the email address via Your Page. If you are still having problems please send the information to 12/1/2020 5:40:04 PM Changing email address
bloodknock Hi. I was planning on changing my e mail address. Unfortunately it won´t work. Keep gettig" invalid address" odd I use this address on a daily basis.. And yes I checked the spelling. Regards. 12/1/2020 4:00:33 PM Email address change.
WLoH Moderator Jtwina - if you look on your games list on Wordfeud each game shows either English International or English US. If you download two versions of the Wordfeud app you could create a new username, notify us, then use one for English International and the other one for English US. 11/27/2020 5:07:28 PM General how to
Jtwina I am in two leagues and get confused as to which game belongs to which league and am concerned that results may not be properly recorded. Any advice for differentiation? 11/27/2020 3:15:55 PM general how to's
redfan14 Hope you got it this time thank you 11/25/2020 8:01:24 PM Possible cheating
US Umpire Sarge123 as this is the international League all games must be played using the international dictionary. Any games that you have played using the US dictionary will not count here and must be replayed using the correct dictionary. 11/24/2020 10:17:39 PM Not sure what to do
redfan14 I have just sent it hope you got it this time 11/24/2020 5:23:35 PM Possible cheating
Sarge123 Hello. I am in division 8 in the English international. I am the player that invited the other players at the beginning of the tournament. I have just been informed by one of the players at the end of almost all of our games that we are playing the US English version instead of the English international version. Now I am not quite sure what to do as one of the games is finished and the rest are almost finished. My player name is sarge123. Division 8 group 125 11/24/2020 3:15:01 AM Not sure what to do
WLoH Moderator redfan14 - the Judge is still waiting for your email 11/23/2020 11:03:59 PM Possible cheating
WLoH Moderator Bradàn Feasa - you are now in Div 8 group 1. Please invite all opponents and remind them that it is a tournament game as your username was not included in their emails. Please reactivate your username via Your Page as it still shows as being inactive. Good luck 11/23/2020 12:08:41 PM New season
Bradàn Feasa Hi
I would like to be included in new season,didn´t deactivate my username btw
11/23/2020 10:27:20 AM New season
redfan14 Hello. I sent a screenshot I think 11/23/2020 9:43:10 AM Possible cheating
WLoH Moderator redfan14- send screenshot plus an explanation of your concerns to 11/23/2020 12:53:38 AM Possible cheating
WLoH Moderator Bradàn Feasa - probably because your username is inactive. Please let me know if you want to be included this season 11/23/2020 12:50:18 AM New season
redfan14 Hello if you think someone is cheating what do you do three words I got Google could not match andviles. Hoaed. Wilga. And not in dictionary 11/22/2020 9:14:15 PM Possible cheating
Bradàn Feasa How come I wasn´t invited into the next round of games despite midtable respectability and being a most generous donor? 11/22/2020 7:54:58 PM Next round
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