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Pol15 It´s now season 234 and I´ve not had an email from you telling me about the players in my group; don´t even know which group!
There´s no email in spam either!
5/4/2021 9:48:59 AM New season
Dracula! nijinski - As long as your name here and in wf match, you don´t need an alias. 4/30/2021 8:51:32 AM Explain the Alias option
nijinski Thanks Dracula! as I only play in Wordfeud I wioulnt use one ? 4/29/2021 8:48:09 PM Explain the Alias option
Dracula! nijinski - My username on WLoH is Dracula! . I play in Wordfeud and Qaardz tournaments. For Wordfeud the exclamation mark is no problem, but Qaardz does not allow it in the username, so I set an alias ´Dracula´ for the Qaardz tournament. That way I show up in the tables as Dracula! in the wordfeudleague and as Dracula in the Qaardz tables. 4/29/2021 12:17:57 PM Explain the Alias option
nijinski What’s the story about the Alias option...why would one need it ..and how is it used 4/28/2021 9:17:47 PM Explain the Alias option
WLoH Int Manager mikeANDZA - If you are a paying supporter you can find your games on the Players page.
Another way is to put your name in the player search box, just above the table and press search. A list will show with ´mikeANDZA´s greatest seasons: .....´
4/26/2021 11:50:07 AM PREVIOUS RESULTS
mikeANDZA How do I see my results of previous tournaments? 4/24/2021 12:41:36 PM PREVIOUS RESULTS
Riordo I have 3 screen shots but how do I send them too the judge ? 4/24/2021 12:22:58 AM Unregistered scores!
Exuma Sent two rematch requests to trueSherlock, so far no response. 4/20/2021 9:43:40 PM Not sure what to do
Exuma Will do, thanks much. 4/20/2021 12:20:02 AM Not sure what to do
WLoH Moderator Exuma - I have posted in your group, so try reinviting the players concerned 4/20/2021 12:04:46 AM Not sure what to do
Exuma I have my phone back. I was winning my group when I timed out, last game with trueSherlock (I was ahead by 33 points with 11 tiles left in the game.) No response from my group and trueSherlock (now leading and to be promoted?) has not responded to a rematch request. Just FYI. 4/19/2021 10:18:28 PM Not sure what to do
Exuma Thanks, contacted support on Friday but haven’t heard back. Just posted to my group. 4/18/2021 8:17:45 PM Not sure what to do
WLoH Moderator Exuma - post in your group explaining the problem. Hopefully any timed out games can be replayed if time permits. Contact and see if they can assist you with logging on.
Let´s hope you can get the problem resolved
4/18/2021 2:49:52 PM Not sure what to do
Jtwina Davroy71, just saw this comment, invite on the way! 4/18/2021 2:33:43 PM What´s the aim of the game ??
Exuma Exuma here from Div.8 group 70. Sending this from a friend’s phone, as mine is missing while on vacation. I cannot retrieve my password to log in on another phone due to a two-factor authentication hellscape. I have two games unfinished and will time out sometime tomorrow I believe if I can’t log in. Anything to be done here? 4/18/2021 3:32:10 AM Not sure what to do
US Umpire Cee2/Cee I have put you in Division 8 group 48 in the US League. Your name will not appear in the email to those players so please be proactive and invite your opponent´s remembering to select the US dictionary.

Good luck and welcome to the US League.
4/17/2021 11:35:31 AM New season
Cee2 I thought I had signed up for US English from last night. Is it possible to include me in any games? 4/17/2021 11:18:03 AM New season
WLoH Moderator Nostradamus666 - this has already been answered 4/12/2021 1:27:53 PM Relegated, but not in bottom 2 ???
Nostradamus666 I was 7th out of 9 4/12/2021 12:27:04 PM Relegated, but not in bottom 2 ???
Nostradamus666 English international 4/12/2021 12:19:02 PM Relegated, but not in bottom 2 ???
Nostradamus666 Season 232, div 7, group 16.
I shouldn´t have been relegated.
I was 7th.
4/12/2021 12:18:24 PM Relegated, but not in bottom 2 ???
WLoH Moderator AV252 - you only topped the group due to automated results, thus missed out on promotion. I have placed you in Division 8 group 40. Please go onto Your Page and click the quick activation button as you are currently inactive.
Invite all opponents and inform them that it is a tournament game because your username was not included in their email. Good luck
4/11/2021 3:06:12 PM New season
AV252 Hello, I won the last season but can´t find my name in the new season. Can I please be added? 4/11/2021 1:00:56 PM New season
WLoH Moderator ju.pi - if you are referring to the ads on the app then we cannot help. You need to contact 4/11/2021 11:27:10 AM Ads
ju.pi Hi - just got a new phone and re-installed Wordfeud. Unfortunately, I am getting an ad between each letter I play. As I recall, I paid a fee to make these go away. Do I need to pay it again to make them go away? 4/11/2021 3:23:58 AM Ads
WLoH Moderator ZWordfan - I have put you in Div 7 group 52. Please invite all opponents and inform them that it is a tournament game because your username was not included in their email. Good luck 4/11/2021 12:24:27 AM Join current season
ZWordfan Hallo Int´l Judge - May I please be included in the current season that started yesterday, April 9th? 4/10/2021 7:27:56 PM Join current season
WLoH Moderator boogie444 - to be included next season go onto Your Page and click the quick activation button before today´s deadline 4/9/2021 2:40:21 PM General
boogie444 i havent been added to a tournmaent for weeks 4/9/2021 1:16:36 PM General
WLoH Int Manager The Mole - That is correct, number of wins is the main factor here. Spread is taken into account when number of wins is equal. 4/6/2021 8:59:35 AM Promotion
The Mole Season 231 div8 group 33. I´m in 2nd position with 2 games lost as opposed to 1st position player with one game lost. However, My points and spread are superior to player´s in 1st position. I assume I will not get promoted too. 4/5/2021 10:56:04 PM Promotion
nanukthegreat Sent. It’s no big deal. Just weird 4/4/2021 3:28:06 PM I have resigned game.???
WLoH Moderator nanukthegreat - please send screenshots of games plus your games list on Wordfeud to 4/4/2021 1:26:16 PM I have resigned game.???
nanukthegreat I was resigned from five games after 12-24 hours. . Why? Others can go days, and I get resigned. I have a screen shot if you want it. 4/4/2021 11:31:34 AM I have resigned game.???
kay101 Hi, I was number 1 in the just ended season but I was not promoted. Can you please help to resolve this? 3/27/2021 12:41:40 AM Promotion
WLoH Moderator gilliant2019 - yes, but I would advise against doing that. If you believe that an opponent is cheating please send screenshots to 3/20/2021 5:21:06 PM Resigning game
gilliant2019 is it allowed for me to resign a game , after about 3 words each please? 3/20/2021 2:29:07 PM resigning a game
WLoH Moderator Palm butter - add these players to your friends list on the Wordfeud app. This will give you the win/loss ratio. Post in the group and ask these opponents if they have retained the results. Post again for guidance 3/18/2021 12:39:38 PM Unregistered results
Palm butter Lobot, I am very certain that I won G.N.O and 49ersfan in our games. Unfortunately, the results were mistakenly deleted by my little daughter. I don’t have any screenshots to substantiate my claim. What’s the way forward? 3/18/2021 7:14:04 AM Unregistered scores!
Davroy71 Hello JTWINA. I noticed your mild rant about players using the fewest number of tiles and keeping the game in the middle of the board and not allowing it to stretch out. I absolutely agree with your comments. I too get frustrated with this tactic. I think that the aim of the game is to score as highly as possible but some opponents play as though their aim is just to stop their opponents from scoring. Another practice I dislike is when someone deliberately plays a word to make a TW unplayable by either player. If you want a creative friendly game,send me an invite under my username. Good luck and Stay safe. 3/11/2021 8:57:31 PM What´s the aim of the game ??
WLoH Moderator Jtwina - notify your opponent of the error, resign game and restart using the correct format. Keep screenshot of your games list on Wordfeud in case there are any problems later 3/5/2021 10:48:41 AM Not sure what to do
Jtwina I sent an invite using the wrong board to Player2222, how do I correct the error? 3/5/2021 1:54:08 AM Not sure what to do
WLoH Int Manager Jtwina - Please send those screenshots to the judge, including your division and group : 3/4/2021 7:24:18 AM Offensive behaviour
Jtwina I am playing a game in tournament and commented to this player that I was enjoying the game and why. Up until now everyone I have chatted with has been very nice, so imagine my surprise to be insulted and demeaned. I will finish this game, but would prefer not to be matched up with this person again if possible. I have screen shots, please advise. 3/4/2021 3:03:41 AM Offensive behaviour
WLoH Int Official OC BOOKIE. You could contact tech support. The address is Remember to give your username and league. 2/26/2021 1:48:13 PM Custom tab page full of errors
OC Bookie Judge, my back page, the Custom, has been broken for a long time. To Whom would I write asking if it can be fixed? I would like to set up custom tourneys.
Thank you
2/26/2021 3:19:45 AM Custom tab page full of errors
WLoH Moderator scorpio - you are now in Div 8, group 101. Please invite all opponents and inform them that it is a tournament game because your username was not included in their emails. Good luck. 2/16/2021 11:21:58 AM not included
scorpio Thanks 2/14/2021 12:18:19 PM not included
WLoH Moderator scorpio - as your username had been inactive there will be a delay. Lobot has just begun adding players into the tournament 2/14/2021 6:27:38 AM not included
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