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International Judge VingaAlv I have already responded to you regarding the non responsive players in your group. However I find it odd that you are so uptight about their lack of participation given that last time you played in the international League during season 84 your username was deactivated for non participation having completed zero games that season and only 2 games in season 83.

please post to the forum in your group on Friday and list the scores of any unfinished games and include the number of tiles that remain. One of the admin team will advise you from there. I have asked the team to keep a close eye on this group as we approach the end of season.
10/20/2021 11:23:26 PM Non responsive players in league comment 2
VingaAlv I am writing once again. I am getting really irritated.. I´m in a league where 1 player never accepted my invites. And 2 players haven´t made a move in 25 hours. Though they have played others. How am I supposed to get a fair chance? Melissavan18 never responded to the invite. Smillerkumar took 3 days to respond and makes a move approximately every 24-48 Hours. Same with Colluje. 10/20/2021 9:38:45 PM Non responsive players in league comment 2
VingaAlv I tried to post this in my league, I have invited all players in my league for a game. But one has decided not to accept and I´ve not wanted to spam the player too much. But be that as it may, does it affect my score?I cannot make the player play with me can I? 10/20/2021 5:49:06 AM Non responsive player in league
International Judge The Swedish judge has asked me to post this to you in reply

Detta gäller den svenska ligan, skicka ett mail till den svenska domaren, så kan du få hjälp där.

10/18/2021 2:09:56 PM Pausa
International Judge detta är den internationella ligan och för allt som har med Swedish League att göra, vänligen maila den svenska domaren på 10/18/2021 1:00:42 PM Pausa
Fiosa Jag pausade en säsong och aktiverades automatiskt, men när jag väl kom tillbaka gjorde jag det i en division under den jag pausade ifrån. Jag kom varken sist eller näst sist i den säsongen. Är det så det blir om man pausar? Jag kommer dessvärre inte åt reglerna nu, så kan inte läsa själv om svaret på min fråga finns med. 10/18/2021 9:56:42 AM Pausa
WLoH Int Official MAGE888. We’ve not had any reports of games being resigned. If it continues you can email the Wordfeud support team. The address is Give them your username and use the email address associated with your account. 10/9/2021 1:06:10 PM Wordfeud marked my games as resigned
Magee888 Has anyone experienced Wordfeud resigning them from a game? I have had it happen twice with non- League of Honour games a couple of hours apart from whilst I was asleep. Hoping it is not a glitch with the app. 10/9/2021 4:07:27 AM Wordfeud marked my games as resigned
International Judge rickspangle unfortunately we can do little to update the dictionary so if you feel strongly about this you may wish to email directly 10/1/2021 11:54:04 PM Disallowed words
rickspangle really surprised that "ouija" is not a recognised word, it would have been very useful with my rubbish selection of letters at the current time! 10/1/2021 7:37:04 PM Disallowed words
International Judge Dubez de Ababta of course people can make mistakes but people also deserve to be able to play games without the type of abuse that you leveled at your opponent´s. You had no way of knowing the age or the gender of the people that you were playing and so we must draw a line in the sand and you are still permanently excluded from this league.

I have repeated the fact that you are excluded from this league three times and that is my last post on this matter.
9/26/2021 11:32:02 PM Sincere apologies to you all.
Dubez de Ababta Thank you for making such hard decisions for me but I am sorry. After all we were all human and at some point anyone can make mistakes. 9/26/2021 11:05:54 PM Sincere apologies to you all.
International Judge Dubez de Ababta I have now had two complaints and seen screenshots of the vile and abusive language you used to an opponent. It was very clearly neither accidental nor are permanently excluded from this league.

Dubez de Ababta I am humbled and I am wondering why I was removed from all tournaments competition, if it´s something personal for the game I played against AMDEDONA in season 243 and I mistakenly harsh to him thought that he was the one submitted Zero for me and later on I understood it was the season ended. I am truly SORRY for that. I am sorry AMDEDONA. I am now requesting for returning me back into game since I am currently playing new season 244 with different players. Thank you 9/26/2021 10:40:09 PM APOLOGY FOR BEING RUDE UNINTENTIONALLY.
International Judge Jagdish you need to add it as a second user to your original account.By declaring it as a second username you will be guaranteed never to end up in the same group as your alter ego.
Go to the your page tab and follow the instructions there.
9/25/2021 6:05:45 PM Not included I this round
Jagdish I have tried last month to create a second user as Jagdish2 but I have not got an invite to this round of the tournament.
Can you please add me on?
If not and I have made an error in creating this second user, can you advise me on how to correct it. Thanks for your help
9/25/2021 9:44:06 AM Not included I this round
WLoH Int Official AMDEDONA. Please send the judge those screenshots and include your division and group number. The address is Thanks 9/17/2021 7:42:08 PM aggressive behaviour and he won´t stop
amdedona Season: 243 Division: 8 Group: 26 9/16/2021 10:54:46 PM aggressive behaviour and he won´t stop
amdedona Following on from the first paragraph below this player: Dubez de ababta is being aggressive and abusive. I don´t see why this person should be allowed to treat me or anyone else´s like this and have screenshots as previously advised. I love the game and the tournaments, its been my copping mechanism during Covid and my Dad passing away. I am sure the rules say that we need to respect it each other. Please can you help?

The player Dubez de ababta accepted my request to start a game. He sent me a message saying I hope its friendly
I explained it was part of the competition. He then resigned and wanted to start again. 76 to 39 in my favour, he said that it states I must tell the opponent it is a league game. Even so I did tell him.
9/16/2021 10:52:34 PM aggressive behaviour and he won´t stop
WLoH Int Official MERZIN26. No problem. Happy to help. 9/11/2021 2:50:38 AM Donation, Ad Removal and Feature Access
Merzin26 Seems to have sorted in now thanks for your help 9/11/2021 2:42:33 AM Donation, Ad Removal and Feature Access
WLoH Int Official MERZIN26. I think I’ve sorted that for you. Please log out and back in again to see if you still have access to the extra material. Unfortunately it will probably be next season before LoBot credits it to your profile. 9/11/2021 2:20:56 AM Donation, Ad Removal and Feature Access
Merzin26 Renewed my donation but the features have been deleted from my account and not showing in the comments at beginning of tournament that I have donated as it normally does ,, 9/11/2021 2:07:15 AM Donation, Ad Removal and Feature Access
International Judge mangotango99 that´s perfect thank you. And a huge thank you to both of you for sorting this problem outt amicably between yourself. 9/9/2021 11:51:08 PM Forgot score
International Judge Thumbles thank you and if there is any problems please let me know 9/9/2021 10:33:26 PM Changed username
International Judge Zurimuthoni1234 the rules state that you can´t get an advantage from unplayed games and this is taken into consideration while we table judge 9/9/2021 10:02:46 PM Player dropped off the group!
mangotango99 I played a game in season 242/7/22 against CROWEGEN11 i remember he won but we can’t remember the score he is going to put it as a 2point win as we remember it being close is this ok? 9/9/2021 7:57:20 PM Forgot score
Thumbles I´ve changed my username from keenakit to Thumbles. I have finished all of my games so there should be no confusion with other players. However, I wanted to note this in the event that I should be relegated or promoted. Thanks. 9/9/2021 6:23:30 PM Changed username
Zurimuthoni1234 Hello... in our WLoH a player played 2 games and dropped off. So, most of us are stuck with 6 games played. What happens in such a case? The gamers who did those 2 have absolute advantage. 9/9/2021 6:44:36 AM Player dropped off the group!
International Judge Shardow nobody has mentioned any problems with the word feud app. 9/7/2021 8:06:24 PM Connection error
Shardow Anyone else having trouble using the app? Mine´s displaying a CORRECTION ERROR message, and I´m more than certain my network is perfectly fine. 9/7/2021 11:01:08 AM Connection error
Alanalanalal alan I’ve got access again. Something must have been preventing access. Very strange. Sorted now so no problem. Thanks for your comments. 9/7/2021 8:39:05 AM web site problems
Klh5252 No problems from me accessing on my phone either 9/5/2021 10:58:25 AM web site problems
International Judge alanalanalal alan I´ve had no other complaints from IPhone users. 9/4/2021 10:55:24 PM web site problems
Dracula! Alanalanalal alan - No problem on iPhone here. 9/4/2021 9:35:58 PM web site problems
alanalanalal alan can anyone advise if there is a problem in accessing the website on iPhone? i can´t seem to get access unless i use my laptop since this time last week 9/4/2021 7:44:52 PM web site problems
fly-fisherman Thanks Judge! Tried that...and tried removing and reisntalling the app....but link still dead I´m afraid 9/2/2021 10:51:29 PM Connection error
International Judge fly-fisherman the only thing I can suggest is clearing the cache on your mobile and see if that helps. I know it´s a technological cliche but try turning your phone off and on again and see if that helps. 9/2/2021 7:24:25 PM Connection error
fly-fisherman Hi , I can no longer access the LoH from mymobile device....getting the message 403 - Forbidden : Access denied You don not have permission to view this directory or page.... I havent changed any settings . Can you advise ?
9/2/2021 5:20:26 PM Connection error
Klh5252 Thanks. I’ll give it a try. 8/23/2021 12:11:35 AM Connection error
International Judge Klh5252 you could try Facebook or Twitter but I´m clutching at straws now. 8/22/2021 6:22:14 PM Connection error
Klh5252 Just a quick update. I haven’t heard back from that email address you gave me. Any other way to contact them? 8/21/2021 9:21:49 PM Connection error
WLoH Int Official KLH5252. That’s great. Please keep us updated. Thanks. 8/17/2021 12:46:58 AM Connection error
Klh5252 Hi. Yes I’ve just contacted them. Thanks

8/16/2021 11:48:22 PM Connection error
WLoH Int Official PRISCILLA237. No problem. You know what to do in future. The judge has a zero tolerance policy in this regard so please take note of their email address but let’s hope you don’t encounter such comments in the future. 8/13/2021 2:07:27 AM Offensive Words
Priscilla237 ok thank you I will know for next time. Unfortunately I didn´t do a screenshot of the game. It just really annoyed me that the player would think that appropriate. Appreciate the speedy response. 8/13/2021 1:56:45 AM Offensive Words
WLoH Int Official PRISCILLA237. If you have any problems with an opponent please send the judge a screenshot of the in game conversation and include your division and group number. The address is Thanks 8/13/2021 1:49:52 AM Offensive Words
Priscilla237 Is it really ok for players to be using offensive words? I had an opponent who put $ % ^& (C U Next Tuesday) in the game. 8/13/2021 1:43:03 AM Offensive Words
WLoH Int Official KLH5252. Have you tried contacting the Wordfeud app, as the judge suggested? 8/13/2021 12:45:22 AM Connection error
Klh5252 I’ve only just updated the app and ever since as soon as I log on I get a constant connection error message and have to reload. Anyone else have this or any idea how I sort it. Thanks 8/13/2021 12:28:27 AM Connection error
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