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1Direct only plays horizontal words.
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BelieberNo1 learns the word QUIXOTIC the hard way.
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Dubya plays NUCELAR (75p)


League: Season: Division: Group:   Player:  

1RebelDusk 4 2021898 - 17241744Sebring, Florida
2monday1 1 100510 - 3811292Dublin, Ireland
3dudkay 2 1011020 - 928922Bluffton, SC
4nyambok 2 101890 - 982-922
5DHANE$H 0 0000 - 000Mumbai
6Doc Steen 0 0000 - 000
7Humble14ever 0 0000 - 000
8Johnrb360 0 0000 - 000
9lisapieces 0 0000 - 000
10Footprints68 0 0000 - 000
11mad as hell! 1 001279 - 582-3030Florida

Deadline: 16/04 2020 17:59 New York Time

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LoBotHi all. Due to an unprecedented number of players entering or reentering the league LoBot has been unable to send the welcome emails. Eskil is working on this so please be patient. The admin team is doing its best to help all our members and will answer your forum posts as soon as we can. In the meantime, if you log out and back in you should be taken to your new group. Kind regards, Judge US League. 4/04 2020 01:19:31
LoBotLook at these players! This is a wicked pack! LISAPIECES is the most mature player in this party, with 127 seasons in the league of honour. That´s a lot of honour. FOOTPRINTS68 is the player with the highest average score in a season (only counting the last 200 seasons), with 503 points per match (it happened in season 106 in division 1.) MONDAY1 is the one who most recently won a group on a decent level, the player won division 1 back in season 204. HUMBLE14EVER is number 7 on the the ranking in the league of honour. DUDKAY is a brainy player who has been number 3 in division 1 in season 204. JOHNRB360 is a supernatural opponent who was number 9 on this level last season. DHANE$H is a fabulous multitalent and does also molest opponents in division 2 in Wordfeud English International while playing here. DOC STEEN is a superior player who recently was number 4 in division 1 in season 203. REBELDUSK is the player here who most recently went undefeated through an entire season, it happened in 2. division in season 204. MAD AS HELL! is a talented player who actually won the entire league in season 198. NYAMBOK is the most frequent winner in the group in the last 200 seasons, with a frequency of 2.42 victories per loss.

DOC STEEN, DUDKAY and REBELDUSK is among these few heartwarm samaritans who sacrifice some of their own money, earned through suffering and pain, to pay for the fun for all of us.

The two last players will be relegated. We have so many superior players here that it is difficult to pick a winner, but my guess is that monday1 ends up as the winner here.

3/04 2020 01:24:38

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monday1 - mad as hell!
monday1 - DHANE$H
monday1 - nyambok
monday1 - Doc Steen
monday1 - dudkay
monday1 - Humble14ever
monday1 - Johnrb360
monday1 - lisapieces
monday1 - Footprints68
monday1 - RebelDusk510 - 381
mad as hell! - monday1
mad as hell! - DHANE$H
mad as hell! - nyambok
mad as hell! - Doc Steen
mad as hell! - dudkay
mad as hell! - Humble14ever
mad as hell! - Johnrb360
mad as hell! - lisapieces
mad as hell! - Footprints68
mad as hell! - RebelDusk279 - 582
DHANE$H - monday1
DHANE$H - mad as hell!
DHANE$H - nyambok
DHANE$H - Doc Steen
DHANE$H - dudkay
DHANE$H - Humble14ever
DHANE$H - Johnrb360
DHANE$H - lisapieces
DHANE$H - Footprints68
DHANE$H - RebelDusk
nyambok - monday1
nyambok - mad as hell!
nyambok - DHANE$H
nyambok - Doc Steen
nyambok - dudkay437 - 538
nyambok - Humble14ever
nyambok - Johnrb360
nyambok - lisapieces
nyambok - Footprints68
nyambok - RebelDusk453 - 444
Doc Steen - monday1
Doc Steen - mad as hell!
Doc Steen - DHANE$H
Doc Steen - nyambok
Doc Steen - dudkay
Doc Steen - Humble14ever
Doc Steen - Johnrb360
Doc Steen - lisapieces
Doc Steen - Footprints68
Doc Steen - RebelDusk
dudkay - monday1
dudkay - mad as hell!
dudkay - DHANE$H
dudkay - nyambok538 - 437
dudkay - Doc Steen
dudkay - Humble14ever
dudkay - Johnrb360
dudkay - lisapieces
dudkay - Footprints68
dudkay - RebelDusk482 - 491
Humble14ever - monday1
Humble14ever - mad as hell!
Humble14ever - DHANE$H
Humble14ever - nyambok
Humble14ever - Doc Steen
Humble14ever - dudkay
Humble14ever - Johnrb360
Humble14ever - lisapieces
Humble14ever - Footprints68
Humble14ever - RebelDusk
Johnrb360 - monday1
Johnrb360 - mad as hell!
Johnrb360 - DHANE$H
Johnrb360 - nyambok
Johnrb360 - Doc Steen
Johnrb360 - dudkay
Johnrb360 - Humble14ever
Johnrb360 - lisapieces
Johnrb360 - Footprints68
Johnrb360 - RebelDusk
lisapieces - monday1
lisapieces - mad as hell!
lisapieces - DHANE$H
lisapieces - nyambok
lisapieces - Doc Steen
lisapieces - dudkay
lisapieces - Humble14ever
lisapieces - Johnrb360
lisapieces - Footprints68
lisapieces - RebelDusk
Footprints68 - monday1
Footprints68 - mad as hell!
Footprints68 - DHANE$H
Footprints68 - nyambok
Footprints68 - Doc Steen
Footprints68 - dudkay
Footprints68 - Humble14ever
Footprints68 - Johnrb360
Footprints68 - lisapieces
Footprints68 - RebelDusk
RebelDusk - monday1381 - 510
RebelDusk - mad as hell!582 - 279
RebelDusk - DHANE$H
RebelDusk - nyambok444 - 453
RebelDusk - Doc Steen
RebelDusk - dudkay491 - 482
RebelDusk - Humble14ever
RebelDusk - Johnrb360
RebelDusk - lisapieces
RebelDusk - Footprints68