This page is made to give something back to those who pay for the storage and developement of WLoH. The page has a function for counting the remaining tiles in a Wordfeud game.

For players in the English International, US Enlish and Norwegian, we have a search function where you can test whether a word is allowed in Wordfeud or not. We also have a functionality where you can test what tiles are smartest to swap, and the odds of getting a bingo in a particular situation.

A donation of 90 kroner (equal to 15$, 12 euro, or 10 £) gives access for a year. See the details on the bottom of the 'Rules' page. If you have donated and still see this text, try to log in.



The tools on this page can also be used to cheat in Wordfeud. We trust that you don't do this. By cheating, you may be able to fool others, but you will never fool yourself. Deep inside you, you will know that you have not deserved your achievements, and sooner or later your subconciousness will punish you for this. Cheating in WLoH is not worth it.