This page hosts round-robin tournaments for two-player game apps. It started with Wordfeud, but we have included more and more games. All game apps we play with can be downloaded to your tablet or smartphone, e.g. iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy etc.

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Tournaments start every second week. This list shows when the next season starts in the different leagues. The WLoH clock is in Central European Time, including summertime. These are also the deadlines for registering results in the current season.

League Active Total Next season
Wordfeud Norsk (nynorsk) 181 812 18/07 2019 23:59
Wordfeud Suomi 107 468 19/07 2019 19:00
Wordfeud English International 2137 23270 19/07 2019 23:59
Wordfeud Español 184 1691 20/07 2019 23:59
Yatzy World 168 642 21/07 2019 15:00
QuizUp 11 198 22/07 2019 19:00 23 257 23/07 2019 19:00
Wordfeud Svenska 5877 43584 23/07 2019 23:59
Wordfeud Nederlands 7932 81043 24/07 2019 23:59
Wordfeud US English 1570 30801 25/07 2019 23:59
Wordfeud Norsk (bokmål) 4083 29228 26/07 2019 23:59
Wordfeud Portuguese 11 198 27/07 2019 19:00
Quizkampen Norsk 148 761 27/07 2019 23:59
Quizkampen Svenska 89 399 28/07 2019 15:00
QuizDan 18 130 29/07 2019 19:00
Wordfeud Deutsch 521 3133 29/07 2019 23:59
Wordfeud Svenska Strikt 190 797 30/07 2019 13:00
Wordfeud Dansk 2988 24112 30/07 2019 23:59
Norges Quizforbunds Æresliga 28 40 31/07 2019 01:00
Wordfeud Français 1267 10996 31/07 2019 23:59
Qaardz 46 368 1/08 2019 18:00

When a tournament has started, you should challenge all the players in your group (that is, those who haven't challenged you already). The games are played on a normal board.

When a game is finished, you should register the result under 'Results'. As a rule of thumbs, the winner of the game registers the match, both both players are responsible for registering the result. The table is automatically updated.

The League uses a divisional system. If you play well, you're promoted to a higher level. If you go on a losing streak, you risk being relegated.

If a game remains uncompleted after 14 days, the player that has finished the fewest games overall, is deemed to lose, based on the assumption that this player is the slowest. Games that have been lost 0-150, are not considered to be completed. If both players have completed the same number of games, the result is set to 0-0; if not, the player who has completed the most games, wins the game 150-0.

If your opponent resigns or fails to make a move within the time limit (3 days), you win the game. You then have two choices: either deduct 50 points from your opponent's score and register this result, or register the score 150-0. Other numbers for other games than Wordfeud, see further down the page. If a game never started, you should not register anything, but leave it to the LoBot.

If you have a score of 0 points in every game (in the score margin column), you are automatically unregistered. If you lose all your games 0-150 in one season, but still want to play in the next round, the smoothest solution is to register the result 1-151 in any one of the games.

Breach of rules

Any use of cheating apps, dictionaries, word lists etc. during the game is considered cheating. (Of course, you may consult a dictionary after the game, e.g. in order to check the meaning of an obscure word, but the words you play should come from your own brain.)

If a player deliberately lets the game exceed the time limit (14 days) for his own benefit, this is considered cheating. It is impossible to prove such an action to be deliberate, but the tournament organizers may withhold promotion for players who have one or more unfinished games that might spoil their promotion chances if completed. In general, slow play is not considered cheating. There are fast players and there are slow players, and we must all love each other.

Verbal abuse of other players in the forum, or offensive remarks in general, is of course unacceptable and might lead to exclusion. Remember that this is a game meant for entertainment and joy.

We call ourselves a League of Honour because we trust you. We will not hunt you down with bloodhounds to check that you're not cheating. We do, however, have referees who can be contacted at (English International League), (US English), (Spanish), (Swedish), (French), dommer krøllalfa (Norwegian), (Danish), (German), (Portuguese), (Yatzy), (Qaardz) or (Dutch). If the referee receives repeated reports about suspicious play on your part, you may be sent packing without further ado.

Frequently Asked Questions

Barryburry doesn't respond to my challenge. What should I do?

You can send Barryburry an email, see instruction in the lower part of the Sign up- page. Or you can simply wait until Barryburry challenges you, as you both received the same email at the start of the tournament. If no game is played and you end up have finished more games than Barryburry, the result is automatically set to 150-0 in your favour when the bot goes though the results after 14 days.

The user Barryburry doesn't exist? What should I do?

This is, in effect, the same situation as the one above.

I registered an incorrect result. What should I do?

Re-register and follow the instructions.

I never got round to entering the result, and now the game is removed from the application, at my place and the opponent's. What should I do?

Make a best guess and register the result. Make sure you've got the correct winner and approximately the correct point difference. Show moderation. If you could be promoted (or avoid relegation) due to this “guesstimate”, make sure you that the victory margin you submit is well within the truth.

I won my group. How come I was not promoted?

We do not like to promote players who do not finish their matches. If you won the group, or avoided relegation, because you had an advantage by not finishing your games, the table judge will prefer someone who finished more games. If it is close to deadline and you will win the group, or avoid relegation, by not finishing your last game(s), you should report the current standing in the comment field, and also say something about why the game did not finish. If you are silent, the judge will assume that you are behind in the game.

What is the tiebreaker if two or more players end up with the same number of match points? The overall spread or head-to-head results?

The spread, i.e. the total amount of points you have scored in your games, minus the total amount of points your opponents have scored in these games. If equal on this criteria, the rating is the next criteria.

Many Wordfeud players count tiles, by using wordfeud secretary, or a list with the letter distribution, striking letters out as the play progresses. Is this practice considered fair play?

Yes, this is considered fair play, as it is in competitive Scrabble.

Is it considered fair play to consult a dictionary or word list between seasons, as practice for upcoming seasons?

Yes, this is considered fair play.

I suspect that Barryburry uses a cheating app. What can I do about that?

Report suspected cheating to your judge: (English International League), (Spanish), (US English), (Swedish), dommer krøllalfa (Norwegian), (French), (Danish), (Portuguese), (German), (Yatzy), (Qaardz) or (Dutch). It would be nice if you provide documentation, by submitting screen shots of what you consider to be foul play. On most smartphones a screenshot is taken by pressing the home button and the lock button simultaneously. The images can then be found in the picture gallery on your phone. Before you submit a cheating allegation, you should consider the possibility that you've actually stumbled upon a skilful and experienced player. Many players might have played Scrabble for years, others are experienced crossword solvers, and over the years they have built an impressive vocabulary. Also remember that Wordfeud gives you an infinite number of tries per move. This means that in principle, you can keep trying until you get it right.

Quirky details

Barryburry was about to lose big-time, and resigned the game to limit the damages. Is that allowed?

This sorts under the legal term 'frowned upon'. Not serious enough to qualify for punishment, but not good sportsmanship, either. And it's not too clever, because you may subtract 50 points from his score.

Barryburry plays slow because he will take advantage of the game not finishing. Is that allowed?

No, we'd like the games to finish. You cannot be promoted or save yourself from relegation in this way, and if it seems to happen in your league, tell the judge: (International), (US English), (Spanish), (Swedish), dommer krøllalfa (Norwegian), (Danish), (French), (German), (Yatzy), (Qaardz), (Portuguese) or (Dutch).

If both players are displeased with the results of a game; may they then play a rematch?

A rematch might ruin it for the others in your group, and that's not fair; you can't just play all your lost games again and again until you are promoted. It's the first game started after the start of the tournament that counts. But every now and then players are unfortunate in the middle of a game, their cell phone dies or they accidentally push 'Resign'. In principle the other player wins, and is fully entitled to register the result 150-0. But if you'd like to be nice, you may offer a restart. If the resigned player was trailing, there's also an opening for agreeing upon a starting score which is added to the previously leading player's final score (as long as you don't break any score records this way). Offering such a restart is allowed when your opponent obviously was unfortunate, especially if the game was open - it's not as natural if the resigned player was trailing by lightyears and the game was practically over.

How do you decide who plays in group 1 and 2 and so on in a division? Do you pick balls from a bowl?

The player with the highest ranking (see next question) is put in group 1, the second highest in group 2 and so on. When we get to the highest group number, the direction shifts, so that if there are 8 groups, numbers 8 and 9 will be in group 8, whilst numbers 10 and 7 will be in group 7, etc. The mail kicking off each season indirectly shows you the ranking by the order of the names; the first player in the list is the highest ranked in your group, and so on.

How do you calculate the ranking?

First, the previous season is calculated. In wordfeud, the formula is 5000 - (division no. * 900) + (avg. points per game * 850) + (avg. margin per game * 4). Example of calculation: say you play in division 5, you played 8 matches, won 4 lost 4, hence got 8 points. You got a spread of 4400-4000. Then the value of your season is 5000-(5*900)+(8/8*850)+((4400-4000)/8*4)= 5000-4500+850+200 = 1550. This is the number showing on the players´ page. The rating is the average of this number and your current rating. That means the last season you played counts for 50% of the rating, the second-to-last season 25%, then 12,5%, 6,25% and so on.

Is it possible to be promoted if you're number two?

The rule in WLoH is that the winner is promoted, and the last two are relegated. Finishing runner-up in a group is a great achievement, and it yields better ranking and hence a presumptively easier group next season, but it does not lead to promotion. But there are indeed two exceptions:

- The lowest division is not always filled (it's full when it has twice as many groups as the division above it). In these seasons more than one player per group is promoted from the lowest division. This is defined in the mail that the players receive. Some times the mail will say that 50% of the runners-up will be promoted, or 66% of the bronze medalists. The ranking will decide who of these will be promoted.

- If one has finished in second place, one may also theoretically be promoted because there is a function that promotes players if there are many players on the next level that take a break / have resigned from WLoH / have been thrown out. (More precisely: It kicks in if the number of participants falls more than one below the normal number, and the normal number is 10 in divisions 1 and 2, 9 in division 3, and 8 in the other divisions.) The function also uses the ranking, and compares everyone in the same division (including for instance those who finished no. 3, or those relegated from the division above). The goal is to promote the best players regardless of where they played the previous season. This function has hardly ever kicked in; empirically speaking, the chances of being promoted this way is 0.3%, and up until season 16 it has never happened below division 3. So it's not an important function of WLoH, but runners-up often seem to focus on this one.

If I'd like to skip more than one season and deactivate my user for a period of time, will I have to start in the lowest division when I return?

Hardly. If you skip only two seasons, you will most likely be returned to the division you left. At irregular intervals inactive players are relegated one step at a time. This happens when their division has grown too big. So when you deactivate your user, you let other players' movements control your status. Some people have skipped many seasons and returned to the same level; others have plummeted four steps since they took their LOA. Players are not relegated more than one step at a time, and if the system doesn't have to relegate everyone, the players with the best merits keep their places.

Several users

Can you have more than one user?

Yes, as long as you don't get an advantage from it or create problems for other users. To obtain this, the rules are: Register that you have two users on the sign up-page. It should prevent you from meeting yourself, but if that happens anyway, set 0-0 in the match between your own users. And each of your users should correspond to a user with the same name in Wordfeud, so you don't have to tell people that they have to invite you on another nick. Also, remember that some of your opponents may consider two users Not Cool.

Other games

We have leagues in other games than Wordfeud. Quizbattle, Krudoku, QuizUp, Yatzy World, and Qaardz are internationally available. You sign up for these leagues on the sign-up page.

The league rules are similar as for Wordfeud: no cheating. It's not a competition between helping devices, help us keep it a battle of brains. The ranking in the other games differs a little from wordfeud/yatzy. For instance, QuizBattle has 5000 - (division no. * 900) + (avg. points per game *850) + (avg. margin per game /25).

The rules if your opponents resigns are: For Quizbattle, either register 6000-0 or draw 2000 points from your opponents score. Similar numbers for Qaardz are, 50-0 or -20. For Ruzzle, 1000-0 or -300. QuizUp and QuizKampen, 3-0 or -1. Chess, 2-0. Quizdan 5-0 or -5. Krudoku, 300-0 or -100. Yatzy uses same rules as Wordfeud, 150-0 or -50.

Support WLoH

Development of WLoH is done during my own spare time, with no pay and with expenses for database rental. It's fine; money was never my motivation, but it is now possible to support WLoH economically. Donations give access to extra statistics and training material for WF and Scrabble. A donation of 90 NOK, 15$, 12 euro or 10£ buys you a one-year access, provided that you don't break our rules. It may take a bit from the time of your donation until you gain access. Donation is possible directly to bank account . Please mention your username in the comment; otherwise I won't know whom I should grant access. If you buy an Eskil Aasmul-novel, it counts as donation, but unfortunately they are not yet translated.


Two principles apply to WLoH: One should always be able to play here for free, and the contestants compete on equal terms, regardless of sponsorship or lack thereof.