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US Umpire Cee2 they are 2 different things....if you see ads while playing your game then you need to purchase the wordfeud ap rather than using the free version.

If you see ads when recording your results then that is us. If you donate to the league then the ads are removed. If you have donated and still see the ads please let us know.
8/05 2021 17:21:04
Cee2 How do I get rid of ads while playing games/tournaments? If I donate WLOH does it make a difference? Or do I need to donate separately on Wordfeud App? 8/05 2021 16:08:41
WLoH Moderator ju.pi - if you are referring to the ads on the app then we cannot help. You need to contact 11/04 2021 11:27:10
ju.pi Hi - just got a new phone and re-installed Wordfeud. Unfortunately, I am getting an ad between each letter I play. As I recall, I paid a fee to make these go away. Do I need to pay it again to make them go away? 11/04 2021 03:23:58
WLoH Moderator Cee2 - your message is somewhat puzzling. If you are referring to WLoH, then contact include your username.
If you are referring to WordFeud contact
7/02 2020 11:24:52

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