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WLoH Int Manager Baywood3 - LoBot automatically deactivated your account 2,5 months ago because of no games registered. If you would like to participate again, go into ´Your page´ and hit the Quick Activation button. Next season starts this saturday. 29/12 2020 10:44:44
Baywood03 No emails to join tournaments. Last one was November I think. 29/12 2020 10:30:06
WLoH Int Manager Nikki 2020 - It looks like you are not signed up at the moment. Would you like to be included in this season? 7/12 2020 16:28:40
Nikki 2020 No email or unable to see my games for season 223. Played in 7 seasons. 7/12 2020 03:31:38
Chanmu Thank you for sorting 21/11 2020 10:54:28
WLoH Int Assist You’ve now been added to division 8 group 128. Be sure to invite everyone in your group as they won’t have seen your username in their start of season email! 21/11 2020 10:41:47
Chanmu Hi, I don’t seem to have been entered into the tournament. Am I missing something? Thanks 21/11 2020 10:09:35

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