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Official_Hamzat @Steve

Thanks for more clarification on it.
8/05 2021 11:34:30
steve^w Hi Official_Hamzat, are you asking why you don’t move to a “higher” group in your division? If so: promotion / relegation is between divisions not groups. This from the FAQs:

“How do you decide who plays in group 1 and 2 and so on in a division? Do you pick balls from a bowl?

The player with the highest ranking (see next question) is put in group 1, the second highest in group 2 and so on. When we get to the highest group number, the direction shifts, so that if there are 8 groups, numbers 8 and 9 will be in group 8, whilst numbers 10 and 7 will be in group 7, etc. The mail kicking off each season indirectly shows you the ranking by the order of the names; the first player in the list is the highest ranked in your group, and so on.”

So being listed first in division 2 group *2* is “better” than being listed second (or lower) in division 2 group *1*. I hope this helps, if not sorry I got the wrong end of the stick!
8/05 2021 07:16:17
Official_Hamzat @WLoH Int Official

But in my group from last season, a player who ranked below me also got promoted apart from the top ranked player. Can u clarify on that?

For example, see faloks from the last season, the player was ranked 8th in Division 2 Group 2. This new season, I can see he has been promoted to Division 2 Group 1. I was in the same Division and Group last season and ranked 2nd in the group but was still retained in the group.
8/05 2021 06:09:53
WLoH Int Official I’m not sure what your issue is. Only the top ranked player is promoted. Unfortunately, in this season, you weren’t top ranked so you remain in your division. 8/05 2021 02:10:34
Official_Hamzat I was runner up for precious season 233, and I´m still in the same Division 2 Group 2. Why wasn´t I promoted? Others below me from 2nd runner up to 5th all got promoted to either Division 2 Group 1 or Division 1, why am I stagnated by the ranking system?
This has been occurring since season 232 for me. I get high position in the same division and group, either 2nd or 3rd position, but I don´t get promoted whereas players in 5th, 6th position even get to move to a higher league than me. Please fix this.
8/05 2021 01:15:30
WLoH Int Assist No. See previous reply. See lobots posts last season. See rules page. 21/11 2020 10:59:16
Zedann Hi Thanks for the reply, but I won division 8 last season. Surely I should now be in division 7. Why was I not promoted. 21/11 2020 10:47:05

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