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WLoH Int Manager MEQ5 - Please check your spam box as the mail sometimes ends up there. 18/01 2021 09:43:46
MEQ5 The email you sent announcing the new season does not refers to a consistent problem. Please resend ! 18/01 2021 00:41:18
US Umpire Sarge123 as this is the international League all games must be played using the international dictionary. Any games that you have played using the US dictionary will not count here and must be replayed using the correct dictionary. 24/11 2020 22:17:39
Sarge123 Hello. I am in division 8 in the English international. I am the player that invited the other players at the beginning of the tournament. I have just been informed by one of the players at the end of almost all of our games that we are playing the US English version instead of the English international version. Now I am not quite sure what to do as one of the games is finished and the rest are almost finished. My player name is sarge123. Division 8 group 125 24/11 2020 03:15:01

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