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Wloh Int Admin EmanuelVermeulen, you may be mistaking FETCHY (no good) for FITCHY which should be playable. 19/07 2021 00:38:30
International Judge EmanuelVermeulen as the word is not found in the Scrabble Dictionary it is not allowed on Wordfeud. 18/07 2021 12:04:56
EmanuelVermeulen Hello, the word "fetchy" is not accepted in English International. 18/07 2021 09:29:11
International Judge Klh5252 no problems, good luck with your season. 3/07 2021 12:52:34
Klh5252 Thanks so much 3/07 2021 11:21:10
International Judge Klh5252 as you gained promotion in season 236 I will put you into division 6 group 1. You will need to be proactive and invite your opponent´s as your username will not have been mentioned in their email 3/07 2021 11:04:52
International Judge Klh5252 give me a moment and I´ll sort that out for you 3/07 2021 10:59:37
Klh5252 Hi. I signed off for one tournament then back in but don’t seem to have been included. Can I join please 3/07 2021 10:44:46
mangotango99 Oops sorry just noticed the league only finishes tonight, my bad?? 4/06 2021 13:54:50
mangotango99 For some reason I have again been left out of a league this seem to happen since I have donated? 4/06 2021 13:53:21
WLoH Moderator RoundTopTexas - I have added you to Div 8, group 31. Please invite all opponents and inform them that it is a tournament game because your username was not included in their email. We are already in the second week of the season so I am unsure how many games you will be able to complete.
Good luck
30/05 2021 12:09:38
roundtoptexas Did not realize I was inactive for Season 235. I´ve played every season and did not voluntarily change my status. Can I be added to a group for Season 235. 29/05 2021 14:42:47
WLoH Moderator scorpio - you are now in Div 8, group 101. Please invite all opponents and inform them that it is a tournament game because your username was not included in their emails. Good luck. 16/02 2021 11:21:58
scorpio Thanks 14/02 2021 12:18:19
WLoH Moderator scorpio - as your username had been inactive there will be a delay. Lobot has just begun adding players into the tournament 14/02 2021 06:27:38
scorpio Hi there any action getting taken 13/02 2021 23:47:29
scorpio Have done what you asked ...when I applied last week it said ...your in...does this mean I’ll not get a game this season...can’t u squeeze me in somewhere in Div8 13/02 2021 12:33:40
WLoH Moderator scorpio - you have not received an invitation because your username is inactive. Go onto Your Page and click the quick activation button. Hopefully you will be included later 13/02 2021 11:02:43
scorpio Sirs I was meant to be included this season in the English International league but have received no email...can u confirm what group I am in if in fact any username is scorpio.. 13/02 2021 09:23:10

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