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Dracula! nijinski - As long as your name here and in wf match, you don´t need an alias. 30/04 2021 08:51:32
nijinski Thanks Dracula! as I only play in Wordfeud I wioulnt use one ? 29/04 2021 20:48:09
Dracula! nijinski - My username on WLoH is Dracula! . I play in Wordfeud and Qaardz tournaments. For Wordfeud the exclamation mark is no problem, but Qaardz does not allow it in the username, so I set an alias ´Dracula´ for the Qaardz tournament. That way I show up in the tables as Dracula! in the wordfeudleague and as Dracula in the Qaardz tables. 29/04 2021 12:17:57
nijinski What’s the story about the Alias option...why would one need it ..and how is it used 28/04 2021 21:17:47

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