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mwamba katambwa Same here @benny81uk, I had a similar experience with someone saying they are in the US army... Going to the extent of trying to get contacts . It´s best not to engage in conversations with such. 13/01 2022 12:05:02
International Judge epsom17 if you still have the ads then all I can suggest is try sending an email to and explain the situation. 20/11 2021 17:11:52
epsom17 Hi, sorry to bother you again I still have adverts. I waited for the new season to start in case it would work then, and I have logged out and back in, but they are still there. I´d really them to go away - what can I do? 20/11 2021 14:34:06
International Judge Epsom17 I think I may have rectified the issue. You will need to log out of the league and back in again but it will be the start of next season before your donation is recognised by LoBot in the blurb that is found at the foot of the table.

If there are still any issues please post again and let me know.
14/11 2021 20:16:13
Epsom17 Hi, I clicked the link on the website. It didn´t say there was any difference so I assumed that was right? 14/11 2021 16:59:18
WLoH Int Manager Epsom17 - Did you donate to Wordfeud (the app), or to the Wordfeud Leaugue of Honour (this website)? 14/11 2021 16:32:20
Epsom17 Hi, I donated to Wordfeud yesterday but the adverts have not stopped. I logged out and logged back in again and then waited overnight but still nothing has changed. I also still do not have access to the statistics. What do I have to do? Is there a delay before it works? Thanks. 14/11 2021 07:10:28
WLoH Int Official MERZIN26. No problem. Happy to help. 11/09 2021 02:50:38
Merzin26 Seems to have sorted in now thanks for your help 11/09 2021 02:42:33
WLoH Int Official MERZIN26. I think I’ve sorted that for you. Please log out and back in again to see if you still have access to the extra material. Unfortunately it will probably be next season before LoBot credits it to your profile. 11/09 2021 02:20:56
Merzin26 Renewed my donation but the features have been deleted from my account and not showing in the comments at beginning of tournament that I have donated as it normally does ,, 11/09 2021 02:07:15
Radio Hydrogen I have just donated to Wordfeud. The app is still the same, the ads have not been removed and none of the features are opened on the phone app. Is there a period of time between donation and activation in this way? 15/05 2021 19:13:44

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