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US Umpire 55 % HRA this is becoming tedious and somewhat pitiful....I remember exactly why you were excluded and this constant posting to the forum and creating new accounts does nothing to dissuade me that your exclusion was entirely justified.

Yet again you are excluded from the league.
22/05 2021 21:11:33
55 % HRA Sirs ,surely this ridiculous exclusion should be brought to an end’s so long ago that I’m pretty sure you can’t remember the reason ‘ cause I certainly can’t ....I play out my games in time ,chat to my opponents and thoroughly enjoy the challenge,yet there are players on here who regularly fail to fulfil their fixtures yet are welcomed with open arms 22/05 2021 17:28:52
55 % HRA Was meant to be included in this season but did not receive an email with my opponents 22/05 2021 08:46:55

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