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WLoH Int Official PRISCILLA237. No problem. You know what to do in future. The judge has a zero tolerance policy in this regard so please take note of their email address but let’s hope you don’t encounter such comments in the future. 13/08 2021 02:07:27
Priscilla237 ok thank you I will know for next time. Unfortunately I didn´t do a screenshot of the game. It just really annoyed me that the player would think that appropriate. Appreciate the speedy response. 13/08 2021 01:56:45
WLoH Int Official PRISCILLA237. If you have any problems with an opponent please send the judge a screenshot of the in game conversation and include your division and group number. The address is Thanks 13/08 2021 01:49:52
Priscilla237 Is it really ok for players to be using offensive words? I had an opponent who put $ % ^& (C U Next Tuesday) in the game. 13/08 2021 01:43:03

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