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International Judge You also posted this question in your group where one of my colleagues has already answered. 10/09 2022 22:27:33
bentear Please explain how I can view the results of my last tournament and see who won 10/09 2022 20:53:58
za! update: userleague-1485 has disappeared in the meantime 11/07 2022 10:52:01
za! @ International judge:
may I recommend ekskluding CHELSEAFAN 4REAL?
I´m the author of
"FAQ Deutsch [...]" on the "Custom" page. Before asking you those questions here ( he had had a first go in userleague-1430, which has been deleted since.
I had told him then that playing for money wasn´t welcome here.
Now he´s at it again, see here:
and dito -1485
11/07 2022 09:56:13
International Judge CHELSEAFAN 4REAL this is not a betting site and we play for fun and not for cash. If you want to organise that type of tournament you will need to find somewhere other than Wordfeud league of honour. 4/07 2022 01:21:51
CHELSEAFAN 4REAL Not the usual tournament for honour,i mean how can I open a bet stake tournament of my own or joining the already opened one.. 3/07 2022 22:32:33
International Judge CHELSEAFAN 4REAL I don´t understand your question? 3/07 2022 16:37:53
CHELSEAFAN 4REAL How can I register for cash stake gamble, have been trying to register in some of the available,but I couldn´t and instead I try to open one still I couldn´t please how can do this... 3/07 2022 12:23:46

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