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International Judge nyakioannie I have put you into division 7 group 63. Please be proactive and invite those players to a game of worldfeud as your username will not have been it in their email. 17/06 2023 17:21:07
nyakioannie Please add me to the next tournament, recently lost my phone hence the pause 17/06 2023 07:12:33
WLoH Int Official IOW MOLY. Not sure why you’ve used a different thread to ask that question but there is no doubt that you are using MOLYMAN as the screenshot sent to the judge verified that. Please check your games list. If you ‘never use MOLYMAN’ then I advise you delete it from Wordfeud. 31/05 2023 01:18:53
IOW Moly Please tell me why my MOLYMAN games will not be counted when I NEVER use that name? I only use and only want to use IOW Moly !! 30/05 2023 23:54:57
WLoH Int Official STYLEY3. Yes. The new season starts today at 23.59 Central European Time. 24/02 2023 12:19:58
styley3 Does the new season for English International beginning tomorrow? Just back after a few years in the ether. 23/02 2023 21:44:54
International Judge Goutmiester send me a screenshot of the game with the list of the words that you think suspicious. My email address is 23/12 2022 23:20:07
Goutmiester What if you suspect someone of cheating 23/12 2022 12:44:10
za! @ Heinous: you´re in WF EnInt here.
Your question is about Ordly, and Lobotommy has answered it in the Ordly Comments at 04.12.2022 23:06:10
5/12 2022 13:54:30
Heinous Then may I refer you to Season 4, Div 4, Group 1, where this does not appear to have happened. 5/12 2022 12:28:49
International Judge Heinous if the points are tied then it´s the spread of points that are taken into consideration. 4/12 2022 16:20:28
Heinous If POINTS are tied at the end of the season, how does LoBot decide who has won? Spread or Score? 4/12 2022 10:45:21
International Judge XXXBEVHXXX the site is still secure and I wonder if it is a problem with your browser. 28/11 2022 22:38:12
XXXBEVHXXX When I tap the league of honour page on Google it tells me there´s a problem with certificates and my connection isn´t safe what can I do please 28/11 2022 22:29:53
International Judge Geordiemum try logging out and then back in again 19/11 2022 23:10:46
Geordiemum My list is also on last tournament and your solution didn’t work
19/11 2022 18:33:38
WLoH Moderator LaBrooy090416 - you are in 7/18. Put your name in search player box in any table and you will be taken to the new group 19/11 2022 15:05:13
LaBrooy090416 My list is still on the last tournament 19/11 2022 14:45:29
LaBrooy090416 I haven’t got the new list for the new tournament 19/11 2022 14:44:42
WLoH Int Manager Chuan7 - You could try sending a ´nag´ email through ´Your page´ or reach out to them on your group´s forumpage. 26/10 2022 15:35:47
Chuan7 Hi, there is one player in my current group who has completed some of their games but hasn’t responded to my invitation, nor sent me one. What should I do? 26/10 2022 08:14:54
International Judge closeman I can see no reason where they would be experiencing problems entering scores into the table but it may be worthwhile logging out of the league and then logging back in again as that sometimes clears minor glitches. 20/09 2022 22:38:37
closeman Hi there my friend ´Capybara84´ is having issues trying to put her tournament results down would keeps saying she is blocked would you mind taking a look? Many thanks! 20/09 2022 10:39:57
International Judge Richard_chchnz Wordfeud and WLoH are two separate things. If you are drawn against someone in your group that you have previously blocked then you can either unblock and play them or forfeit the game. I´m happy for you to elaborate via email if you prefer. My email address is 14/08 2022 16:31:09
Richard_chchnz Does your block list for non-tournament games apply to tournament games as well? 14/08 2022 00:27:58

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