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International Judge closeman I can see no reason where they would be experiencing problems entering scores into the table but it may be worthwhile logging out of the league and then logging back in again as that sometimes clears minor glitches. 20/09 2022 22:38:37
closeman Hi there my friend ´Capybara84´ is having issues trying to put her tournament results down would keeps saying she is blocked would you mind taking a look? Many thanks! 20/09 2022 10:39:57
International Judge Richard_chchnz Wordfeud and WLoH are two separate things. If you are drawn against someone in your group that you have previously blocked then you can either unblock and play them or forfeit the game. I´m happy for you to elaborate via email if you prefer. My email address is 14/08 2022 16:31:09
Richard_chchnz Does your block list for non-tournament games apply to tournament games as well? 14/08 2022 00:27:58

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