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WLoH Moderator Has taken the lead - if you wish to rejoin the tournament go onto Your Page and click the quick activation button. You will then be included next season 24/11 2022 03:41:46
Has taken the lead Hi! Where are my challengers? It’s been a while. 23/11 2022 23:22:15
WLoH Int Manager Donyaekstrand - It is hard to say why, but you are now playing in group 19 of division 7 :-). Please be proactive and invite everyone, your name will not have been included in their start-of-season emails. 12/09 2022 15:30:31
Donyaekstrand I am activated and should have been in the tournament that started on Friday 9 September. I did not receive any invitations to play in the current season. Why? 12/09 2022 07:51:22

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