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WLoH Int Official ANNELISE£. The new season starts in just over 3 hours. Your account is showing as active so look out for your email. 1/12 2023 21:15:58
AnneLise£ Hi, i haven’t received an email to join a tournament and I can’t find a “result” tab to find players and start a game. 1/12 2023 21:09:39
Heinous Mitcheyo, "Go to the Your Page tab and rejoin the league. You’ll then be included when the new season starts next Friday. If you need help with that please post here and one of the team will be happy to sort it for you"
That´s the usual advice, and probably applies.
11/10 2023 22:17:31
mitcheyo When does a new season start coz I´ve not played any for months 11/10 2023 13:55:05
International Judge pobikenobi username appears in division 5 group 3 of the Dutch league but as this is the international forum you will not find your username listed in the international groups.
If you wish to play international English you will need to go to the your page tab and sign up for that League.
31/08 2023 14:26:47
pobikenobi I don´t receive ant invitations to play in a new season. When i log in, i see the results of the previous tournement. So i Cant invite the new opponenten. 31/08 2023 08:37:02
WLoH Moderator Has taken the lead - if you wish to rejoin the tournament go onto Your Page and click the quick activation button. You will then be included next season 24/11 2022 03:41:46
Has taken the lead Hi! Where are my challengers? It’s been a while. 23/11 2022 23:22:15
WLoH Int Manager Donyaekstrand - It is hard to say why, but you are now playing in group 19 of division 7 :-). Please be proactive and invite everyone, your name will not have been included in their start-of-season emails. 12/09 2022 15:30:31
Donyaekstrand I am activated and should have been in the tournament that started on Friday 9 September. I did not receive any invitations to play in the current season. Why? 12/09 2022 07:51:22

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