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International Judge Thanks Heinous..I´ll point lobotommy to your post 25/01 2023 15:51:32
Heinous I´ve used (also US) since 1997, and have found them very reliable, with absolute minimal downtime, and good value. Also quick and competent with support. I have also used others, from time to time, but never found one better.
My needs have been small compared to yours, but worth a look!
25/01 2023 11:08:23
lobotommy Hi! This web page runs on a server based in Oslo. It has ... ehm ... served us well the last ten years. In 2022, however, there has been too much downtime and annoyance. We need another server. What we have today is a dedicated server running windows 2016. I operate it through Plesk and remote. The page is written in and C#, and the database is MySQL. There is no wordpress here. There is a ton of server providers out there, but I do not know how to tell whether they are good, and if they can handle our technology. A couple of attempts in cloud/virtual direction has not worked. If you know a good host for us, please tell me. 30/12 2022 10:18:33

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