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International Judge chells50 if it popped up during your game then you need to send an email to wordfeud support at we are a sister site to the actual game and unfortunately I cannot help or matters concerning the app itself. 2/12 2023 21:31:39
chells50 An ad popped up after I played a word. It started with telling me I´m a wordfeud champ. Register and get $750 paid into my PayPal account. Sounds fishy to me. Just checking that you are aware of this. It sounds like a scam to me.
2/12 2023 10:03:26
Heinous I had to sit down and have a Nice Cup of Tea! 6/08 2023 01:08:16
International Judge Heinous you had me worried for a moment !!!!! 5/08 2023 16:52:41
Heinous Cancel that.
It´s back.
5/08 2023 13:21:24
Heinous Our group table has disappeared. Individual game results are still there, but no table.

Round 292 level 8 group 115
5/08 2023 13:17:41

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