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WLoH Int Official PHMIRAT. In future, if you feel that incomplete games may affect your final standing, you can send the judge a screenshot and they’ll see if they can intervene. The address is 1/11 2023 22:46:02
Phmirat Also, I didn´t deliberately delay the game. My opponent took ages responding each time I played my turn - I don’t know why. 1/11 2023 07:08:57
Phmirat Ah. What should I have done then as I was leading when the season ended? How should the score have been recorded? 1/11 2023 07:06:08
International Judge phmirat the rules state clearly that you cannot gain an advantage from unplayed games. Therefore as you have one on third game and the people below you have completed all of their games you were correctly relegated. 31/10 2023 23:44:33
International Judge phmirat I´m sorry this query has not been answered I have only just seen this post.. give me a few minutes and I will have a look. 31/10 2023 23:37:16
phmirat Hello - any response on this? Just interested to know... 31/10 2023 13:31:33
Phmirat Hi. How come I went down a division even though I finished 4th? I thought you only go down if you’re in the bottom two. 22/10 2023 15:19:56

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