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International Judge vanhassj this is getting tiresome,....

Please post once in your group and leave it at that. The international League and the US League are probably the only two leagues where each and every question and post is either answered or acknowledged. I was online for over 8 hours last night as was one of my team and therefore once we had successfully launched the new season we decided to sign off for the evening. The fact that you have wrongly labeled one of your opponents as cheat several times across this forum is trying my patience... I admit LoBot was harsh and I have resolved that issue in your group. In future I will be reluctant to help with this constant posting across several groups on the forum as I have other players with equally as pressing problems.
2/12 2023 22:17:51
vanhassj @ Eskil, anybody out there? 2/12 2023 18:15:02

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