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International Judge Xrmx27 unfortunately Wordfeud uses the 2012 version of the Scrabble dictionary...the place to email to urge them to update it is 23/02 2024 15:33:13
Xrmx27 Love your work. But why isn’t ZEN allowed? Even my 11 year old son shocked it wasn’t allowed 🧘 23/02 2024 13:35:19
WLoH Int Official HIKERDUDIE. It may be due to the fact that Wordfeud uses an earlier version of the SOWPODS dictionary. The admin team have urged them many times to update it but without success. 15/12 2023 00:29:48
Hikerdudie Why isn’t CHING allowed. A noun meaning ‘an abrupt high-pitched ringing sound’ 14/12 2023 23:32:09

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