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Warner105 Mistakes happen. Thanks for letting me know 8/10 2022 21:22:44
International Judge Warner105 Interestingly the report that is sent to me by LoBot says that you were promoted but this does not seem to have happened, In fact LoBot did not promote anyone. This is very obviously a mistake and you should have been promoted... I can only apologise and if you bear with me I will sort that out now. 8/10 2022 17:45:39
warner105 *unfinished games
*placed above me
8/10 2022 14:45:01
warner105 Hello Judge,
Can you explain to me why I was not promoted? I played in season 270 division 7 group 14. The player that won the season did this because he won unfinished. That is why he played above me. I finished all my games.
8/10 2022 14:43:48
WLoH Int Official ADAM687. You aren’t being ignored. The judge explained why you weren’t promoted on your group forum last season. 21/05 2022 22:59:12
Adam687 Hmmm... I feel a bit ignored. I just wanted a clear explanation. 21/05 2022 22:08:25
Adam687 Could Judge explain why I was not promoted from group 113 div 8 in season 260? 21/05 2022 15:23:10
Adam687 Could Judge explain why I was not promoted from group 113 div 8 in season 260? 21/05 2022 15:16:10
Wordwizardman On the main wordfeud app, does a first turn resign count as a loss in my profile? I accidently accepted a challenge. 20/08 2020 19:59:17
Moniach nah Is it considered fair play to use pen and paper during a game?

I’ve read the rules but couldn’t seem to find answer, hope someone can help :-)
1/08 2020 04:05:46
US Umpire littleflo you did nothing wrong in that situation. The first game counts for the league so 150-0 was quite correct. In rare circumstances players may agree to a rematch but the general rule of thumb is you use the score from the first game you play. 9/05 2020 20:20:54
littleflo In my last set of games I was playing against tilbury1958 who resigned early on in the game. I registered the score as 150 - 0 Tilbury then messaged me that he/she had not resigned but run out of time and wanted to restart the game. He/she thinks I have cheated. We started another game but it was 2 days before the deadline . Did I do something wrong 9/05 2020 18:59:53
lafrogette Can you resign at the end of a game even if you have a close score with your opponent and you know you have lost? . Sometimes the end of the game can be hard to put the last letters down. Is this not allowed at all? 9/02 2018 04:06:43
undertheboardwalk Got to agree with Me-Jooly that the "pass" rule is not clear and prevented me winning the group a few sessions ago 9/08 2017 08:34:33
WLoH Moderator Me-Jooly - if the pass ends the game the WordFeud app with subtract the sum of the remaining tiles and decide the winner. Obviously if the pass ends the game whilst there are a lot of tiles remaining the game will be adjudicated as having been resigned. 27/07 2017 09:16:21
Me-Jooly What are the rules of a pass at the end of a close scoring game, and how is it decided who wins. I cannot find the answer. Thanks 27/07 2017 07:51:48
aubrey.b I came second last in season 121, division 4, group 2 and still find myself in division 4, season 122. Why was i not relegated? 21/01 2017 15:11:29
1hockey I am glad I am wearing my cowboy boots always been partial to backing a winner Monty lol 20/01 2017 14:38:14
Monty022 Lol, on the contrary, there are Indians as far as the eye can see and only 1 chief, Eskil. He built the site, he set the rules, and they haven´t changed since day 1 by all accounts. You can go straight to the top to ask if you want. 20/01 2017 07:20:04
Undertheboardwalk Appears to me that there´s too many chiefs and no enuf Indians getting a fair say .Just who makes up the rules. 20/01 2017 06:37:50
rpdp Aside from the point that the "goal difference" approach is fairer by smoothing out the luck factor, how would the tie-break proponents propose to handle the situation where three players tie on points and each had beaten only one of the other two? It´s not a rare occurrence. I only had to look at five of last season´s final tables before I found one that illustrates the point (Season 120, Div 3, Group 2). 19/01 2017 22:53:21
steve^w Yeh that´s how the EPL works Monty. Maybe undertheboardwalk just cannae handle the quality of English football ;-) 19/01 2017 18:49:53
Monty022 Are you saying they don´t use that method in English premier league? I´m from the other side of the globe and don´t follow EPL really but that´s how the EPL table seems to be ranked whenever I´ve looked at one. Happy to be corrected if I´m way off base. Head to head would be an interesting wrinkle but it´s never been used here, and I can´t see it being used here in the foreseeable future. Cheers. 19/01 2017 17:14:07
Undertheboardwalk English Premier league gies a break 19/01 2017 16:41:14
Undertheboardwalk English Premier league gies a break 19/01 2017 09:09:17
Monty022 Wins and spread is how all players in a scrabble tournaments are ranked at the end. English premier league does same with wins and goal difference. Aussie Rules football similar. Certainly every scrabble tournament I´ve played in uses this method and what we are doing here is virtually a scrabble tournament. It gives you something to play for in every match. Even if you are behind with no chance to win, you can still do your best to minimise your losing spread rather than just give up and not try your best. Funnily enough, even if 2 players ended up identical wins and identical spread, they would use player rating to decide winner here, not head to head result (rules tab) 19/01 2017 05:57:14
Undertheboardwalk Got to agree with Triplayer,have said from the start if points are tied it should be head to head result that determines the winner not the spread. 19/01 2017 05:33:15
rpdp There is a certain amount of randomness and luck in any one game. It´s much fairer to calculate a ranking on aggregate performance across all games in a season, which smooths out the luck effect and rewards the overall better performer. 19/01 2017 02:40:52
TriPlayer I have a question. I am currently listed as no 2 in my Group. I won the same number of games as no 1, and I beat him, but he has a greater point difference. Why do your rules work this way, that the point difference is more important than the one on one score? 18/01 2017 17:10:45
Mahrazsheikh Hi.. I don´t see how I can invite someone for a game.. Can someone help the newbie?? 3/09 2016 17:27:38
Mahrazsheikh Hi.. I don´t see how I can invite someone for a game.. Can someone help the newbie?? 3/09 2016 17:26:05
Nico Olivia Didn´t think so, just wanted to be sure, cheers. 24/08 2015 08:13:39
WLoH Support @Nico Olivia: It doesn´t matter. 24/08 2015 08:06:20
Nico Olivia Hi LoBot, quick question - if we have finished a match after the season has finished and the result has been posted as 150-0, should we update the new score or does it not matter cause the time limit has passed? 24/08 2015 07:59:58
con-vince Just saw your "yes" Judge. I have invited Meggy! to play again with English International. Thanks 18/12 2013 21:47:16
con-vince My opponent was Meggy! Shall I invite her to play again with correct board? Can you please delete the score currently entered? Thanks 18/12 2013 20:16:55
The Judge Yes. 18/12 2013 08:23:21
con-vince I did not realise we were playing US until I asked my opponent who then advised this, she invited me to play. I thought I had a fault. I have now entered the score so what next? Delete that score and play again with English international? 18/12 2013 08:10:13
The Judge No con-vince it is not. You are in the English International League and you should play the game with that dictionary. 18/12 2013 07:56:18
con-vince @Judge Thanks....the cause of the problem now ecvident. My partner sent invite for US internatonal game which will not allow EXO or OU. Game nearly over now so I think it is fair to enter score when complete? 18/12 2013 04:16:56
The Judge Hi con-vince there are now 2 threads created. I will reply in this one. EXO is playable. Perhaps you have stacked EXO so it is creating another word that is not playable?
In the interest of clarification - Wordfeud and Wordfeud League of Honour are different sites.
You do not enter a score for an unfinished game. You can swap, pass, play or resign. I would never do the latter but it is not my role to advise on game strategy.
17/12 2013 21:53:45
con-vince I am playing international and "exo" is definiely not being allowed, I have contacted wordfeud. Whilst here can I check something else please? I am in a game where we have reached a stalemate, eg nowhere to move. The score is 229-162 to me with 37 letters left. We have tried changing letters. Please advise course of action in that situation. My thoughts are we agree to leave it there and enter exisiting score? 17/12 2013 19:52:15
The Judge It would be appreciated if players would familiarise themselves with the Rules and procedures. It would be particularly helpful for players to understand the rules about uns. The uns that have been removed from groups this season are not excluded. They have simply been removed for the season because they are not found on Wordfeud. 8/09 2013 20:24:24

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