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WLoH Int Official THE MOLE. I think I’ve sorted that for you. Try logging out, then back in. You should have access to the extra pages. If not post again. Thanks for the donation 17/02 2024 15:49:30
The Mole Have recently paid my dues, 12 euro donation, but am still unable to see stats of my opponents. 17/02 2024 09:50:08
Windroc19 Yes I logged out and back in again. 29/06 2023 13:30:40
WLoH Int Official WINDROC19. It wouldn’t be wise for me to post your email address here, for security reasons. Did you log out and back in again? 28/06 2023 16:15:25
Windroc19 I´m not seeing any of the extras you get when you make a donation. What are you seeing as my username and email? 28/06 2023 05:46:29
WLoH Int Official WINDROC19. Did you log out and back in again? You are showing as a supporter. Thanks for your donation. 28/06 2023 00:24:24
Windroc19 I made a donation on Saturday at 8:30pm but have yet to see any changes. 27/06 2023 23:27:43
WLoH Moderator Windroc19 - try logging out, then back in. You should have access to the extra pages. If not post again. Thanks for the donation 27/06 2023 00:29:52
Windroc19 I made a donation on Saturday at 8:30pm but have yet to see any changes 26/06 2023 23:09:21
Windroc19 I made a donation on Saturday at 8:30pm but have yet to see any changes 26/06 2023 23:06:47
WLoH Int Official LOUISEWAT1. Thanks for your donation. I think I’ve sorted that for you. Please log out and back in again and let me know if the banner adverts have gone. Thanks 6/03 2023 18:12:20
louisewat1 I sent a donation of £10 on 10th Dec. I used PayPal. My account has been debited. Why am I still getting banner adverts? 6/03 2023 17:36:41
Clairemcn Will do. Thank you. 25/09 2020 23:12:34
US Umpire Clairemcn apologies we are running behind on sorting out our donations however I have looked into yours and it should be acknowledged at the start of the next season. You may need to log out and then log back in again in order to gain access to the extra material. 25/09 2020 21:23:57
Clairemcn Hello, just to let you know. I donated £20 through PayPal on 14th August. Nothing has registered yet. Could you please have a look at this for me? Thank you. 25/09 2020 21:12:29
WLoH Moderator Michikoid - try logging out then back in. Thanks for donating to the site 31/08 2020 13:06:39
WLoH Int Manager Michikoid - We are a little behind with the donations. You should be sorted now. Try logging out and back in again. 31/08 2020 13:05:21
Michikoid I donated on 27 August, but it´s not been activated.
PayPal transaction ID: 8RC39469EU979133M
31/08 2020 11:00:12
US Umpire MEQ5 try logging out and then back in again..that usually rectifies the problem. 27/08 2020 16:56:38
MEQ5 I received your acknowledgment of my donation, yet the banner remains! 27/08 2020 16:33:55
WLoH Moderator ssuhaide - thanks for wishing to donate. Try logging out then back in. Let me know if you still require assistance 21/08 2020 02:04:35
ssuhaide Hi. I donated £10 however my account has not been activated yet. Can you check this please. Donation made on 19th August 2670-1988-6681-1042 - 20/08 2020 22:13:24
WLoH Int Manager ssuhaide - The donation team may not have processed your donation yet. They can be contacted by mail: 20/08 2020 21:25:58
WLoH Int Manager Willy 1943 - Ik zie dat je wloh steunt vanaf ´30/04 2020 15:21:14´, misschien is er een probleem met de tijdzones. Als het vanavond of morgen nog niet werkt zou je een mailtje kunnen sturen naar het donatieteam op 1/05 2020 04:03:23
Willy 1943 I clickedt the donation button twice. After the first time I was ment every competition. After the second time not any more? 30/04 2020 18:02:04
ropede4 Hallo sjef. Donerte 90 spenn den 09.02. Ingenting har skjedd. ropede4 27/02 2020 02:01:26
Super Cali Lebot, please help me. I donated $15 US dollars on Jan 31 2020 and have even sent my a screenshot of my receipt in to the WFLOH moderator via Gmail. They said I should have access to the website, and if not to let them know. Well Labot, I still have no access and did let them know. Please help. What do I do now ? 16/02 2020 12:52:33
Fagus To Gardenerjan. It took around 3 weeks before my donation was registered. I did emai wlohdonation dont know if that helped. Think it just takes a good few weeks. Good luck. 20/08 2019 06:36:01
_redshift MICADINA this tournament website and the Wordfeud app are not related. A donation to WLoH helps the team keep this great place running on all our behalf. Meanwhile the game app has its own paid unlock to remove adds and enable in-game stats. 16/02 2019 19:53:03
MICADINA Hi, Let´s see if I can explain my issue: I donated and after some days I could see some changes in my profile on the website where we all go to register results. I thought that paying would also give me the same benefits when in the game if I wanted to see the statistics of such or such player when in the chat screen of the game, but NO, all the options (games played, victories, defeats... ) are still locked and the "beautiful" ad banner is still shown on the bottom of the main screen of the game. I mean on the web site I can see all the announced changes but not in the game on my mobile phone.The point is that when I go to the chat window to see the details of the player, there is a message saying that if I want to see the statistics of that player and remove the ads, I have to buy the complete version.
Sorry but I have already paid and I don´t understand why I should pay twice. Could someone do something to solve this issue??
Thanks in advance
9/02 2019 09:20:35
shells1950 Steve Sheehan, thanks for that info. 13/12 2018 09:18:46
steve sheehan Shells, same thing happened to me, and looking back in the forum, delays seems very common. I´m sure they´ll get round to it in time, but if you haven´t already done so, logging out and back in may reset your status correctly. If not, then keep nagging them ;-) 12/12 2018 22:02:38
shells1950 As I´ve had no reply to my question about the money I donated, I take it you haven´t received it. It shows in my bank account as being paid but need to investigate if it hasn´t made it to your account. Please acknowledge this message
12/12 2018 10:58:12
shells1950 I gave a donation via PayPal 2 weeks ago. Just checking that you have received it as I notice it hasn´t been acknowledged. Not that I´m looking for applause just making sure it hasn´t gone astray. 8/12 2018 13:07:44
Lobotommy Fixed! thanks! 16/11 2018 10:33:10
Count_B Hi - I donated 20 GBP on 7th Nov - still not registered. 16/11 2018 07:13:58
WLoH-donation Access granted! Thanks :-) 8/10 2018 20:10:17
Steve Sheehan 4 days since making payment. No changes. No reply on the forum. What´s going on? 5/10 2018 19:02:42
Steve Sheehan Another day, and still I´m "Not a Supporter". Any chance of an answer... any one? 2/10 2018 20:35:23
steve sheehan How long, after making the requested donation, (10 GBP), before it takes effect? I have logged out/in several times, but to no avail so far. 2/10 2018 00:56:46
Graham-s Hi WLoH - I paid my £10 renewal a couple of weeks ago, but nothing has happened yet. Could you check this? 2/06 2017 08:41:56
stuwatford Sorry, just had a thought ... check out an app called Moneymailme ... could be the answer to your PayPal issues 7/05 2017 20:48:33
stuwatford Re below - I´ve given up as the paypal link and the specific currency links just don´t work. 7/05 2017 20:41:58
stuwatford I´ve given up trying to donate, which is a shame as I like the extra features it unlocks. Could I suggest you open a UK bank account so as people can transfer directly via their banking apps ... I don´t think you can do this on apps using only Iban / swift 7/05 2017 20:40:44
WLoH Int Official Hi Blimp. Thanks for trying to donate. Sorry you´re having problems. I suggest you email the team at Remember to quote your player username so they can identify you. 23/03 2017 04:23:31
blimp like a few others I have been trying to donate. The system keeps asking for more info.I don´t have anymore to give. I will try a few more times,but it is kind of frustrating. 23/03 2017 03:31:53
WLoH Int Assist Looks like you should have access. If you see nothing different when you try what Tydfil suggests, then log out (top right), close your web browser, reopen web browser, login again and see what happens this time. If still no joy after that then best to email 5/09 2016 22:03:09
tydfil If you click on my un on the left of this message do you see my history etc.? 5/09 2016 21:56:51
clever_dog Hi, I donated 6 days ago, and I haven´t got anything new. 5/09 2016 21:48:35
clever_dog Hi, I donated 6 days ago, and I haven´t got anything new. 5/09 2016 21:18:28

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