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WLoH Int Official GRAHAM20280. Please send screenshots of the conversation to the judge and include your division and group number. The address is Thanks 4/02 2021 00:16:39
Graham2020 Lauraalfred309 is using the site to advertise bitcoin. She is a new player from the US. 3/02 2021 23:26:11
NiteTwinGale To the WLoH Official, Manager, Umpire & Lobot, first of all there is no email address under "Your Page" tab to complain to as you had stated in your message in our tournament. Secondly, according to Google when I looked today it is stating that the Central European Time zone was not an hour over when I sent my message about the incomplete game, I was just late by 7 to 8 minutes. Please provide an email address that I can take my concerns about this to!! 29/08 2020 03:28:18
lobotommy I prefer getting these in mail. 11/11 2012 19:07:06
jasoncyr Hornet78 is not being respectful. Division 3, group 1 8/11 2012 22:15:56

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