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International Judge Chris_Sz.... Where you haven´t had a response.... I am trying very hard to bite my tongue and would suggest that you go to your group page and read my response there. My email address is and I ameagerly awaiting your email containing those screenshots. 6/11 2021 20:31:36
Chris_Sz I´ve put this message on the division comments, but haven´t had a response, so not sure if it will be read, due to the season having ended. So, thought I´d post here as well.

I won all the games in my league and finished top, but didn´t get promoted. Not sure why this happened and would appreciate some clarification.
6/11 2021 19:51:39
WLoH Moderator mangotango99 - you are now in Div 7 group 64. Please invite all opponents and inform them that it is a tournament game because your username was not included in their email.
You had not reactivated your username, but I have done that for you
23/05 2021 22:14:44
mangotango99 I have done as you suggested but nothing is happening 23/05 2021 21:55:28
WLoH Moderator mangotango99 - as your username is inactive you have not been included in the new season. Go onto Your Page and click the quick activation button. Post once that has been done and I will try to allot you a place in the current season 23/05 2021 16:18:44
mangotango99 How come I haven’t been invited to a new league after winning the last division I was looking forward to a new challenge.
I am still seeing the old league table
23/05 2021 14:27:27
inghelland. Maranello 44 - I just sent you an invite to play. 18/01 2019 16:44:57
Maranello44 How the heck do I actually play someone????!! 13/01 2019 06:35:35
anita1002 LoBot or any other from Staff.. Can you please check on the donation.. This is made like 2 weeks ago but still not show for me and it was a renewal 5/08 2018 19:18:20
bonne chance1 so I messaged last night and took screen shots at 11.30
I still was waiting for 4 players to play, I was winning all the games by a healthy margin and was destined to win the league. The Jackandgill players who you have given the league to I was beating by over 100 points. What is going on???
26/05 2018 16:40:18
The Moderator That would be spam, which I am removing when I find it. That´s one of my tasks as Moderator. Other tasks include removing foul language, abusive posts, and helping @The Judge out by looking through tables and such, in order to find players that are either cheating, using dirty ways to advance in the game, or otherwise not following the rules set for the league :) 16/11 2013 15:49:57
helen strawson See messages above, lots now gone are people using forum for selling? 16/11 2013 06:26:14
The Moderator @helen strawson: could you be a bit more specific? 16/11 2013 05:06:15
helen strawson What are these cryptic messages that keep appearing on the forum? 15/11 2013 22:30:16

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