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heltenjon @Steve Sheehan - I cannot tell _for_certain_ that it will never be playable, and having it in your list shows that there is an interest. Removing it is sadly beyond my power. Perhaps the Umpire can help?
11/03 2019 13:02:21
Steve Sheehan OK, well thanks for replying. Could you tell me how I remove the Random Board League from my list of leagues then, please? I´ve already made it inactive, but I don´t see any option to remove it completely, and if it´s never going to be a playabl option, I see no point in having it in my League list. Or, if I can´t remove it myself, maybe you could do it for me? Thanks. 11/03 2019 10:52:15
heltenjon @Steve Sheehan - Although it´s possible to sign up for random board, it´s not very likely that there will be an ordinary random board league started anytime soon. Some of the choices are there to see if the interest is high enough to warrant starting up a new league. However, this is not the priority right now.

Instead, the option of customized leagues is opened. That means that any donating member may organize a user-league in the game of his/her choice. A random board tournament may very well be organized in this manner, although there are still a few kinks in the works on the Custom page.
7/03 2019 00:56:42
Steve Sheehan Probably the wrong forum, but bear with me please. In addition to this league, I have also now signed up for the "International English Random Board" league, but I can´t find any info. If I log out of this one, and into the Random one, I get the same Div and Group showing. Also, when I open the list of leagues, the Random one doesn´t appear there. I don´t know if a Random League should have started today or not. Any advice please? 2/03 2019 14:08:05
WLoH Judge I understand the link button in WF is only being shown to a small % of players which will gradually increase to full coverage next week. It was quite an achievement to get this, congratulations LoboTommy. It is nice WLOH has been recognised and I think fully deserved. I am not sure of the exact impact it will have but am sure it will lead to significantly more league members. I guess the first indicator will be this weekend when the new season starts. If current players can help with any queries on here regarding the rules that would be great :) 13/04 2015 23:06:44
monty022 Thanks. I checked my android phone, updated to v2.6.0 just now, but still no tournament option jumping out at me in the + new games. Technology, it´ll give you the jimmy Brits some times. 13/04 2015 22:52:07
Cinclus @Monty: On my android phone it´s reached via the + sign, at the bottom of the list of new game options. 13/04 2015 22:16:25
monty022 Actually LoboTommy, I have the updated v2.9.0 version of wordfeud. I don´t see any tournament button anywhere??? Where have they hidden that? I´m on an iPad. 13/04 2015 21:40:46
monty022 Thanks but not really the solution I was hoping for. Oh well, then it´ll just have to be the status quo then. 13/04 2015 15:41:54
WLoH Judge Great idea, sounds like fun! Hopefully Monty or anyone else interested in organising one will try starting a cup soon..... 13/04 2015 00:00:07
LoboTommy Thank you for asking, Monty!

We have had similar discussions in other leagues. This page originated from the scrabble competition community, and we are standard board people, that is why the leagues are in standard board. People who invest a lot of time memorizing words like to keep the randomness of the game as low as possible. On the other hand, random boards are also a lot of fun. The solution has become: the leagues are standard board, while anyone can start cups in the community on random board. (or cups in anything else)

This has proven quite successful in the Norwegian league. The cup threads are dominating the community. I suggest that you initiate a random cup here. You could ivite people on the league walls aswell. And you can invite the people from US league, because all the words in the US list are in the International word list.

A cup is easy to arrange, just ask people to sign up, then draw them in pairs. You need to get down to a 2^n number, meaning for instance 8, 16, 32, 64 players, so the first round will typically have some walk-overs while you play some matches to get one of these numbers of participants.

We have technology in place to keep track of cup history. And the timing is excellent, because in today´s new release of wordfeud, the game has a tournament button leading to WLoH, which means we will be getting quite a lot of new friends during the next weeks and months.
12/04 2015 22:29:47
monty022 hi LoboTommy, i know there are WLoH leagues for the various dictionaries that wordfeud offers, but has there been any interest or consideration given to starting a league for games played with the random board format (with the international English dictionary)? I´m sure I´m not alone in describing the second week of each season as quiet/quieter. This would give players an opportunity to play more games in the "off week" until the next standard season rolled around.

Of course, for this to get off the ground, it would require you to set up the league on the WLoH website and all the programming behind the scenes for the capturing of results, ladders, comments, community pages etc.

Is there any chance of a random board league becoming a reality? And what would need to happen in order for you to take steps to create it? Do you need to get an indication the level of interest from other players here to gauge demand for such a league? Are there any reasons why such a league couldn´t be set up? Does anyone else reading this have any points for or against creation of such a league that they would like to mention?

Cheers :)
12/04 2015 21:30:54

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