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robred14 Some players you cannot invite because they have for example a small pic with there name. And so you have to wait till you get invited. Is there anyway round this problem 16/05 2019 10:40:28
monty022 Hi Lobot, is there any way you can do a preseason test of NEW players to WLoH to ensure their playername is found and valid in the wordfeud app? That way you could exclude these names before the season commences. Many groups of rookies joining the league are unable to play a number of opponents each season for this reason and it can´t be making a great first impression for them when 1,2 or 3 (potentially more) matches cannot be played.

I doubt you could gain access to the actual wordfeud database for this but perhaps you could build a small subprogram for Lobot to test the list of new players commencing each season to confirm their names are findable in the app. A simple test returning a Yes (found) or No (not found) so you can exclude the not found players immediately from the season to be played, thereby ensuring new players will play a full round of matches and enjoy the full WLoH experience. Cheers.
13/07 2015 16:22:52

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