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Jtwina I have a mild rant and wish to express frustration with players whose strategies consist of using the fewest number of letters to make words. This tactic really spoils the game for me. Stretching out the board makes it possible to use more letters and thus use more brain power for the maximum points. Yes, I know it’s legal and sometimes a two or three letter word is the only option however when I am up against a player like that I don’t enjoy the game and get it over ASAP so I can get to a game where I have a creative opponent. I haven’t quit playing, obviously, but have considered it. Rant concluded, everyone be safe and healthy 3/02 2021 14:13:13
Jtwina Hey Amin’s! Great job on the upgrade. Everything is easier and I don’t have to log in every time I play. Thanks! 9/12 2020 16:41:49
Alanalanalal alan Can anyone please explain what head to head section is for and how to access and record scores etc. Many thanks 21/03 2018 03:18:44
Normypoos Thanks, just realised I wasn´t in last division so cool as ...
8/05 2016 19:21:17

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