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Judge Wloh int 55 % HRA you are where you belong - excluded yet again! 22/05 2021 12:08:51
WLoH Int Manager Jtwina - If you signed up within the last two weeks, sit tight: It looks like you are signed up for next tournament, starting tonight, slightly after 0:00 (Oslo time). 23/10 2020 19:24:20
Jtwina Have I missed something? I signed up for English International but still no email or game requests. 23/10 2020 18:53:21
WLoH Int Assist Hi Karl, on first glance I´d say you missed activating for this season of international. The invites intrigue me though. Who had invited you? Let us know and we might be able to track that side of things down. 13/06 2016 18:33:37
Karlcranky I just registered for the international English tournament. I didn´t get an email but I got several invites. I´ve been searching for the division and group i belong in. How do I find where I am? 13/06 2016 16:41:24

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