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WLoH Int Official SPELAMER. You’ve posted in the International League forum but you play in the Swedish league. I advise you to post in your league and I’m sure someone will get back to you. Thanks 11/11 2021 17:40:46
Spelamer. Hi. I dont get any invitation from you that a New game has begun and I wonder whats wrong? Regards spelamer. 11/11 2021 08:16:32
WLoH Moderator Monty022 /mazvcm - I cannot help you with this. I note that the Random league is listed under other games/languages thus I assume that we are waiting to see the level of interest. 1/09 2016 21:23:04
Monty022 Any updates on a random board league? All has gone seemingly quiet for last few weeks. Is there stuff happening behind the scenes? 1/09 2016 09:44:08
WLoH Int Judge For some reason new threads are being created with the same subject title so I am copying and pasting here.

From llucille:

Of the two plans offered, Plan B seems better, and I would recommend it, if I wanted to play or compete on a random board. However, I don´t. Personally I dislike the random board, and have given it up entirely. Others feel differently, I know, and if you do develop a random tournament I wish you good success. I also want to comment on my experience with playing in a second language. I am basically English-only. I would choose French as my second preferred language because I studied it for four years in school, long ago. I achieved a reasonable level of literacy, then, for reading and writing, but I never had an opportunity to experience language immersion to speak and listen in French for long. Over the years I have forgotten a lot of vocabulary. Nevertheless I thought it would be interesting to play a WordFeud game in French a few years ago, and asked for a random opponent. The game was a total disaster. I resigned in frustration, after explaining and apolgizing in chat. Later, about two years ago, a long-time friendly opponent and I decided to try a French game together after determining that our skill levels were roughly equivalent. We finshed our one game, but it was just a funny farce. We didn´t cheat, but it wasn´t enjoyable because our scores were so low. We both play at a much higher level in our native English. Recently this same opponent and I have discussed trying it again, when we are not too busy, but this time we would allow full-on cheating so at least we can learn some new words! If we ever get around to doing this, I predict it will be another one-time diversion, not to be repeated. It is simply so much more rewarding to play in one´s dominant language, in my opinion. I admire other players who are fluent enough to compete in multiple languages. I just know that I am not one of them. :) Good luck with your new venture!
4/07 2016 11:55:42
WLoH Int Judge Hi Monty, when I played in Swedish it was simply a case of trying any combination of letters similar to the very few words I know or those played against me meaning I could only find very short words. I passed a number of times due to frustration. It was laborious and thoroughly unenjoyable however other people could like the experiment and maybe even benefit from it, who knows! A different language may of suited me better so if and when it happens I may give it another go while trying to keep an open mind. 4/07 2016 08:45:59
Monty022 So is this going to go ahead? If so when? What are the next steps or timing? 3/07 2016 10:47:21
Monty022 @Patron-86, may I enquire about your Danish match with your friend. Do you know any Danish words already? If not, how did you manage to play your words? Did you google search? Or use some list? Thanks for posting too 26/06 2016 22:13:51
Patron-86 I agree Monty. I´m from the UK and can speak passable French but certainly not to scrabble standard. I can also order a coffee, tea, wine, beer in several other languages but I´m afraid that´s it. I do, however, admire our wordfeud friends who are polyglots and if a multilingual league would attract them then that´s great. I have tried to play against one of my friendly opponents in Danish (her language) but it was a bit of a disaster and very frustrating on both sides. 26/06 2016 09:55:20
Monty022 Kinderhandjes, thanks, my zero Dutch is now one word. Not sure when I will have 13 letters on my rack but watch out when I do lol.

I´m such a one language player that I even dropped out of the English US league because the lexicon was too different to English International. However, playing a second league of English International would be ideal which is why I was genuinely excited when LoboTommy posted, but to then have it muddied by multiple other languages (which I will never study, use or learn) is like so near and yet so far.

If it gets off the ground, I´ll give it a go but I´m expecting it to be a frustrating exercise of lopsided contests. I know I look at this from an English International perspective, but I would wonder how a Portugese player will enjoy playing an opponent in Swedish? I think the answer to that is about as much as a Swedish player will enjoy playing in Portugese.

It´s a discussion and my position has been stated. I think other players should speak up or offer suggestions/ideas/alternatives because it´s easier to shape this new league in the concept stage than it will be to alter it once it´s up and running. Cheers!
26/06 2016 09:03:19
WLoH Int Judge Well said tydfil, the point I most agree with is that I would not be able to play well in another language. I have actually tried, I was useless, did not enjoy it and am certain it is not something which I could improve much over time. Other people may be different of course.

You deserve a big thank you for all your extra effort in helping others on the forum recently btw, also for assisting me with many other league matters. Much appreciated, shoulder to shoulder :)
26/06 2016 01:20:26
tydfil I actually don´t object to a mulilingual league and don´t see why English International would warrant a random league of its own as opposed to any other language. I just wanted to point out that Nigel Richards was by no means new toto the French Scrabble list. Anyway I should keep my nose out; I wouldn´t have any interest in playing in a random league.; better to leave the discussion to those that would. Monty if it´s any help....I don´t speak Dutch but suspect one of the words I do know would be handy to have up your sleeve...kinderhandjes 26/06 2016 00:30:33
WLoH Int Judge I have to agree with the comments from tydfil, patron and Monty here. It is disappointing for those of us who speak only the one language however I respect Eskil´s plans and trust him enough to know he wouldn´t organise something which a decent amount of people won´t enjoy.

The fact Eskil asks for opinion here shows he endeavours to make things fun for as many people as possible. I hope everyone will support him in whatever he eventually decides.
26/06 2016 00:05:51
Monty022 Okay, hypothetical, I have to play an opponent and they choose Dutch language. I know zero words of Dutch. What are my options? All I can do is resign, or pass every turn, or cheat. Of those 3 choices, there´s only one where I can be competitive with a possibility of a win. That´s why I see it as a flawed concept. So my vote is create your multilingual league if you insist, but also create a stand alone English international league. 25/06 2016 23:45:54
tydfil Won´t argue over a few weeks nor the extent of his vocab. Was only saying he had knowledge of the French Scrabble list and didn´t come to it cold:) It was a great achievement whichever way we look at it. 25/06 2016 21:21:37
lobotommy Yes, nine weeks, my bet is he was not the guy with the biggest French vocabulary in that competition... 25/06 2016 21:13:20
tydfil Lest we forget Nigel mugged up on the French Scrabble list for 3 months. Just thought worth a mention. 25/06 2016 21:10:46
lobotommy The model steve^w describes is pretty much what I have in mind. I may let people reject promotion so that they can stay in the national league without promoting into champion league level.

Nigel Richards is succeeding in French also because of tactical level. Tactics matter surprisingly much, a good player can beat someone with a much larger vocabulary. If you start one game against a random opponent in each wordfeud language, Monty, my guess is you´ll win more than you lose. Maybe you´ll win them all.

All opinions matter, but I don´t start ten discussion threads simultaneously, do you?

And you should really have a cup here. Just start one, we have the statistic tools ready.
25/06 2016 21:04:32
Monty022 Steve_w, if you want to run conferences, then simply have a multilingual conference and each conference could then have the usual division 1, division 2 and so on structures we already know and love.

Interesting that LoboTommy hasn´t posted this message in any other league forum, other than English US. If it´s to be a multilingual league, then surely their opinions and views and suggestions are just as valid as English speaking players.
25/06 2016 18:46:15
tydfil I think it´s important that people realise that admin people are volunteers. Nobody involved is paid. 25/06 2016 17:28:19
steve^w Just read this after a day away. Firstly thanks Lobotommy for a great site - always exciting to read about enhancements. Secondly thanks to the admins and volunteers who just contributed to season end; a busy time I know! Imagine assisting with multiple languages and extra games ;-)

Still, a random league sounds great. Reading the feedback so far I reckon there could be scope to cater for those wanting to play a single language random league.

Could players in divisions up to 4 (say) be allocated to groups based on preferred language (you then play in that language)? This would be a bit like running an English conference, Spanish conference, etc (think eastern and western conference in NBA). Players registered for a single language don´t get promoted above division 4. Players that are registered for multiple languages can be promoted above division 4. Divisions 3, 2 and 1 would then follow Lobotommy´s plan A or B. Promotion into the first multi language division would have to be based on ranking not position of course. It´d be a bit like a champions league in a way... best of both worlds?
25/06 2016 16:06:33
Captainkos Thanks Monty. Though not everyone appreciates random invites so I wouldn´t go down that route. Will either have to improve or learn Dutch! Off to bed now. Late night last night watching Brexiit. Look forward to your next instalment. Cheers 25/06 2016 10:48:55
tydfil @patron haha ...not so bad when you mean it:) 25/06 2016 10:35:27
Patron-86 Hi Lobotommy.
I was excited to read that you were intending to create a league based on a random board, as many of my friendlies are random boards but disappointed to then read that you intend it to be multi-lingual. I agree with Monte022. You would be excluding most of the UK, who believe that they don´t need to speak a foreign language because the rest of the world ought to be able to speak English; the continent of Australasia, for the same reason. Btw ..... My tongue is firmly lodged in my cheek when I wrote that!!!
Perhaps a compromise might be to have a referendum and ask the players to vote. WAIT! NO! We had one of those recently and it all went VERY wrong. Tydfil ..... I make no apologies for the ´shouty´ capitals. I was shouting at the time of typing.
25/06 2016 10:29:09
Monty022 @Captainkos, Plan D has been suggested before by running a "Cup" and running it and posting all scores and details in the forum. They apparently run one in the Dutch league but no one has the time or motivation to do similar in English International. Personally I prefer the division structure and playing in your group and promotion/relegation that this site provides. FYI, If you want to play someone in a higher division to "test the water", you can always send an invite and play a friendly with them. Cheers. 25/06 2016 10:26:40
Captainkos @Monty. I don´t think you were negative, just honest. I agree. i have a plan D. A tournament, like the FA cup (English football competition) A division 8 player may be drawn against a division 1 player. One off games in a knockout competition. Could be fun to play higher ranked players that those of us in the lower leagues would never get to play. Probably a lot of work to organise though. Would be great 25/06 2016 09:32:10
Monty022 Upon re-reading, I hope my response wasn´t too negative. I´m glad you´re looking at doing this and extremely positive about the prospects of a random board English international league. However, as far as a multilingual league goes, let´s just say I´m no Nigel Richards. 25/06 2016 09:21:51
Monty022 I was excited and then not excited as I read more. I got excited because I hoped this was the commencement of a random board English international league which I would love to be part of. Then when I saw you intended to include multiple languages in the one league I got less excited. Personally I don´t speak anything other than English so to play someone fluent in another language will be a total farce. The scoreline would be 1000 to 100 as I would only hope to fluke some 2 letter words along the way. Where´s the competition in that? I know all you Europeans speak 18 languages fluently, so it´s great for you, but many of us just are one language folk. The only way I could be competitive in a "foreign" language match would be to look up words (cheating) or use an anagram/search engine app (cheating). I´m pretty sure WLoH doesn´t want to promote that style of play. As the words are meant to come from my brain alone, I cannot play anything in Dutch, Danish, Swedish (is abba a word?), Spanish (ole), Norwegian, French (Le/les, moulin rouge) and German (der/die/Das).

I vote Plan C, set up your multilingual league as you wish but also create a separate random board English International only league.
25/06 2016 08:54:39
lobotommy Hi all!
WLoH is planning a Random board league. We want it to be international, with Dutch, Danish, Swedish, English, French, Spanish, Norwegian and German players in the same league. LoBot will draw the groups based on preferred language, so if you prefer to play in German, you will play German against other German players.
This goes for most players, as most players are in lower divisions. But in the higher divisions, people will have to meet players of other nationalities. I would like to build a set of fair rules here, and would like suggestions from you.
Plan A:
The players meet in two matches, they select the language of one match each, and the score is the sum of the two matches. You can challenge on a random board in any language, but your opponent has two vetos, meaning she can decline your first two challenges. If a language with two word lists (English, Norwegian, Swedish) is vetoed, the veto goes for both word lists.
Plan B:
The players meet in one match only. LoBot decides the word list of the match.

Sometimes you will have to play an opponent in a language that your opponent likes better, if so, you get karma that will help you get your preferred language in other matches, and in the next match against that player.

Every player rank their six best languages (and will never have to play in the remaining four). LoBot will create an initial language ranking for you who can be edited at the sign up-pane. Typically, non-English-players will tend to meet in English, while English players and non-English players will duel in a third language that both have ranked fairly high.
Plan B is more complicated but I think it may lead to less playing in languages you don’t like. It also opens for quitting the games in languages you don’t bother playing, while in plan A, you will probably just suffer through these games.
Some players have suggested that we only open random league for players who has donated at least once during their time here, in order to increase the donation rate. We may implement that on a later stage, but for now anyone can sign up for random league.
We are also planning leagues in Finnish, Portuguese and Swedish Strict. These leagues will be open for all.
24/06 2016 20:48:04

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