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WLoH Int Official The new season has been launched. Please log out and back in and you’ll be taken to your new group. Thanks 20/11 2021 11:39:19
encore254 Hello. Happy New Season ?? - May I ask which league I´m in this season? I didn´t receive an invite. 20/11 2021 10:10:08
scrabblenut When is season 248 going to start? 20/11 2021 09:01:46
Pol15 It´s now season 234 and I´ve not had an email from you telling me about the players in my group; don´t even know which group!
There´s no email in spam either!
4/05 2021 09:48:59
US Umpire Cee2/Cee I have put you in Division 8 group 48 in the US League. Your name will not appear in the email to those players so please be proactive and invite your opponent´s remembering to select the US dictionary.

Good luck and welcome to the US League.
17/04 2021 11:35:31
Cee2 I thought I had signed up for US English from last night. Is it possible to include me in any games? 17/04 2021 11:18:03
WLoH Moderator AV252 - you only topped the group due to automated results, thus missed out on promotion. I have placed you in Division 8 group 40. Please go onto Your Page and click the quick activation button as you are currently inactive.
Invite all opponents and inform them that it is a tournament game because your username was not included in their email. Good luck
11/04 2021 15:06:12
AV252 Hello, I won the last season but can´t find my name in the new season. Can I please be added? 11/04 2021 13:00:56
WLoH Moderator Bradàn Feasa - you are now in Div 8 group 1. Please invite all opponents and remind them that it is a tournament game as your username was not included in their emails. Please reactivate your username via Your Page as it still shows as being inactive. Good luck 23/11 2020 12:08:41
Bradàn Feasa Hi
I would like to be included in new season,didn´t deactivate my username btw
23/11 2020 10:27:20
WLoH Moderator Bradàn Feasa - probably because your username is inactive. Please let me know if you want to be included this season 23/11 2020 00:50:18
kathyword64 I can´t access season 183. Is website dow 25/05 2019 21:20:11
shells1950 I haven´t had an email for the new season. 25/05 2019 13:22:23
scrabblenut When is season 182 going to start? 4/05 2019 16:50:56
Scrabblenut When is season 182 going to start? 4/05 2019 15:27:49
clairemcn I haven´t received email for the new tournament but already receiving invites. 13/04 2019 19:57:26
Mtw1975 I havent received mail for new game can you assist please 13/04 2019 19:40:34
WLoH Moderator pete.simms - I have put you in Division 8, group 21. You will need to invite each opponent as your username was not included in their emails. Good luck 1/04 2017 19:52:33
pete.simms I have seen my wordfeud international league has been made inactivated for this one. I personally did not do this has far has I am aware. Can I be inserted into a league has they are new please 1/04 2017 17:38:21
Puccatje Oké, Sorry.. I thought it already started.
I´m just eager to play.. (^_^)
1/04 2017 10:32:56
WLoH Moderator Puccatje - the new season has not started yet 1/04 2017 10:22:09

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