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WLoH Int Manager Jtwina - Please send those screenshots to the judge, including your division and group : 4/03 2021 07:24:18
Jtwina I am playing a game in tournament and commented to this player that I was enjoying the game and why. Up until now everyone I have chatted with has been very nice, so imagine my surprise to be insulted and demeaned. I will finish this game, but would prefer not to be matched up with this person again if possible. I have screen shots, please advise. 4/03 2021 03:03:41
WLoH Int Assist Hi nurseachit, please send in to and we can handle it from there. Thx 10/06 2017 17:59:28
Nurserachit Verbal abuse from another player. What should I do? Where do I send a screenshot? 10/06 2017 17:41:03
Ironkate Aha! I found how to block. Thanks. 21/04 2017 08:53:10
Ironkate Darned auto correct!! Thanks Monty022 21/04 2017 08:41:50
Ironkate I like to block him but don´t seem to have that option on my tablet. He needs more than blocking! 21/04 2017 08:40:14
Monty022 Ironkate, you can also click on the player icon and "block player". It prevents them from rematching you and blocks out all their chat so you don´t have to put up with their crap. Then just play it out like a normal game. Hopefully they get tired of no response to their remarks and resign. 20/04 2017 23:07:17
WLoH Moderator Ironkate - send me screenshots of in-game chat. Address 20/04 2017 19:58:17
Ironkate This is not a league match but... I started a match with a random player when then opened a "chat" conversation with an extremely offensive remark. I do not want to continue with this game but feel that it should be his statistics that should suffer how do I report him? 20/04 2017 18:36:11

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