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International Judge Bradán well you know that is not allowed but neither is making cheat allegations on the public forum, if you wish to continue this conversation my email address is 18/02 2022 14:41:29
Bradán Feasa I’m just double checking that I haven’t missed a change where using Internet word generation is allowed? 18/02 2022 13:16:17
International Judge Getonwithit yes a tie is a perfectly valid result and you just record the score as it is. 24/12 2021 13:41:15
Getonwithit Hi just wondering what to do if the game is tied at the end? Replay? Post the result as a tie? Sorry if this has been answered before. 24/12 2021 02:53:30
WLoH Int Judge Hi WaynieBob, in your group last season the player in first place before automatic results were applied was promoted so we consider this fine. If you wanted us to consider that a win was registered due to a resignation it needed to be flagged before season end, however players are generally not penalised for such an event. 22/08 2017 02:55:24
WLoH Int Assist Depends on the situation wayniebob. Generally we want to see games finished but In some cases they can´t be, and so auto results are the best and fairest way to proceed. We usually like to see evidence from the player benefiting. Sometimes lobot thinks it´s obvious that an auto is ok, sometimes not ok, sometimes referred to table judge, sometimes needs the group to flag it to us. Re last season we are having a look at your specific situation. 21/08 2017 18:46:34
WaynieBob Rules Question, is a win by resigntion after game starts, and then 2 wins by auto resignation sufficient to win,
l championships, when other players had to play those opponents. Not looking to change anything, just unclear.
21/08 2017 06:27:17

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