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WLoH Int Manager evertonsean - It looks like you weren´t included in the season. This season is close to an end though. As your account is showing as active, keep an eye on the mail this fridaynight. Then a new season will begin and you should be invited. 7/04 2022 13:53:19
evertonsean recieved email saying i was League 8 group 25 but cannot see my name ... 7/04 2022 10:01:17
WLoH Int Official MTAIMOOR. The new season has been launched. Please log out and back in and you’ll be taken to your new group. Thanks 20/11 2021 11:35:59
MTaimoor New here. How can I be included in the league? 20/11 2021 05:31:21
MTaimoor New here. How can I be included in the league? 20/11 2021 05:31:16
US Umpire Rufus14 hmmmm that would be a no as you have been identified as a previously excluded here and as such you are once again excluded 8/05 2021 17:05:53
rufus14 Hello judge could you please enter me in english international starting today. Thank you 8/05 2021 09:19:14
International Judge @rustneversleeps, you gave successfully signed up for both the US and International leagues. You´ll just have to twiddle your thumbs for a few days until a new season commences. Seasons run for 2 weeks and then a new season starts immediately after that. The next US season commences on 11Jan and the next English International season commences 19Jan. You will receive an email at the start of each season listing your opponents to be played. Apart from twiddling your thumbs, it would be helpful to peruse the Rules tab above to familiarise yourself with the tournament rules and common scenarios you may encounter (eg how to score if an opponent resigns, etc). Other than that, best of luck and welcome to WLoH. 8/01 2019 07:16:01
rustneversleeps How and when do I get started...also wish to play in the English US do I go about that 8/01 2019 06:05:44

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