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US Umpire MARISAR:) please post in your group it´s much easier for the admin team. please send screenshots of those three games to the judge at including your division and group in the email 26/04 2019 23:28:47
Marisar:) Time is almost up and i still have 3 ongoing games. I’m on relagation but on advantage with the last 3 opponents. What should I do??? Marisar:) 375 vs faceoff1 279 ( 8 tiles left);me 258 vs SonaraRose 199 (29 tiles left); me 345 vs Rizvan A 265 (15 tiles left)... Season 180, div 7, group 43 26/04 2019 23:00:31
US Umpire Saxbend please include your division and group in the e mail. 1/02 2019 21:51:55
US Umpire Saxbend send that screenshot to the Judge at 1/02 2019 21:50:12
I keep getting an error when trying to post this under my league table (div 5, 13) so trying here instead.

I am one move away from finishing my last game. Hopefully it will finish on time, but in case it doesn´t I have a current screenshot I can send.
1/02 2019 21:27:47

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