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US Umpire Lindac my apologies the email address you need is 16/03 2019 12:53:05
US Umpire Well Lindac as we have exhausted my IT knowledge could I ask you please to email a brief synopsis of your problem to and hopefully they will be able to help you. Please remember to include that you play in international English. 16/03 2019 12:43:17
Lindac57 Have also tried logging in and out three times 16/03 2019 12:30:48
Lindac57 Have already looked through emails including spam. Can´t access season 178, drop down will only show up to season 177 16/03 2019 12:30:05
US Umpire Lindac57 you are correct as to which group you are in...
Emails were sent out on time I would suggest checking your bulk mail files and your spam folders because sometimes our emails end up there.
As for the group issue please try and manually select season 178 using the drop down menu found at the top of the table. If all else fails I can only suggest trying the good old IT solution of log out and then log back in again.
16/03 2019 12:20:05
Lindac57 I cannot access this seasons pages. I know that it should be season 178, group 13,division 6. I have no way of knowing who I am playing as no access and no email received 16/03 2019 12:05:31

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