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International Judge ykv2012, it´s a case of versions. VAPE is allowable in SOWPODS 2015 but isn´t valid in SOWPODS 2012. Wordfeud uses the 2012 version. I am not aware of any plans to upgrade the version Wordfeud uses. 8/04 2019 22:13:38
US Umpire ykv2012 until it becomes accepted by the official scrabble dictionary (SOWPODS) then it won´t be accepted by wordfeud ...but I have a feeling it will be one of those words that may make the dictionary soon as it it´s usage has become more common. 8/04 2019 09:46:34
ykv2012 Why isn´t the word ´vape´ allowed in word feud? It means ´inhale nicotine vapour from an electronic cigarette´ 7/04 2019 18:07:29

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