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scrabblenut Thanks I,llgive it a go 3/05 2019 16:01:09
US Umpire Scrabblenut if you still have problems with the custom tournaments it may be worth e mailing and asking then if they and be of any help. 3/05 2019 11:12:52
US Umpire Scrabblenut you seem to have created numerous tournaments 4 games using the international English Dictionary and one using the Norwegian Dictionary.
You do not seem to be entered in the Norwegian game and 3 of the English International ones that you have created.
In the game that is underway as it was created using the international English dictionary you will need to log making sure that you have logged on with the International English League as your primary League. If you play more than one game/language when you log in you should get a drop down box appear that say "Velge" and make sure you opt for INternational English.
When you then go to the tournament page you should be able to enter the scores.
3/05 2019 11:04:36
scrabblenut Can someone please tell me how to register results in tournaments started by individuals? I,m relatively new to Wordfeud and have just start my tourney but can’t work out how to register results. 3/05 2019 07:45:34
scrabblenut Hi Can you help me please.I,v started my own tournament but I don’t know how to register the scores Help! 2/05 2019 19:57:54

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